Cathy Cantoni Excited For Her First Season As A Bronco

Cathy Cantoni Excited For Her First Season As A Bronco

Sarah Jackson '14

Freshman Cathy Cantoni (CC) of women's water polo is excited about her choice of coming to Santa Clara and joining the Bronco nation. Cantoni opens up about her thoughts on her first season as a Bronco and the fire she has behind it.

SCB: What thoughts are running through your head with your first season just starting?

CC: I am beyond excited starting my first season and having the opportunity to play with such a strong group of returners. Seeing how hard they work encourages me to want to work just as hard as they do and to play my best.

SCB: Why did you choose to become a Santa Clara Bronco? 

CC: After visiting Santa Clara, I felt such a strong sense of community within the university as well as within the team. I wanted to go somewhere where I could build and maintain friendships and Santa Clara became that place for me. 

SCB: What are some of your team's goals now entering the newly formed Golden Coast Conference? 

CC: Our ultimate goals are to fight through tough situations and win our new conference. We want to show other teams that we will not back down. Even though our conference does not have an automatic bid to the NCAA's, our team wants to give our best effort no matter the end result. 

SCB: Being from the San Jose area, what impact does your family's support at your games have on you? 

CC: My parents are my number one fans, and seeing them in the stands cheering for me encourages me to play harder. My mom can be one of the loudest cheerers out there, which can be comforting to know she will always have my back.

SCB: What are your personal goals for the season?
CC: My goals for the season are to continue to build on my skills as a player and to get a better feel for collegiate water polo. Everything is so new and exciting, but there has been nothing I couldn't handle.  This is just the beginning, and I can't wait to see where I will end up.
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