Julia Peters Looks Forward to Competing for a Top 20 National Ranking

Julia Peters Looks Forward to Competing for a Top 20 National Ranking

Written by Sarah Jackson '14

Coming off of a strong and impactful season last year for the Santa Clara Broncos, Julia Peters is looking forward to her teams' challenge of reaching a top 20 national ranking. Peters caught up with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) to talk about how she plans on being successful in the upcoming season.

SCB: As a key player and leader for your team, what role do you
have for the upcoming season?

JP:  This season we have a large freshman class, so that requires the
returners to lead by example. There are very strong leaders on our
team this year and we each have our own styles of leading. Teams from
one year to the next can be completely different. I was a key player
last year because of the dynamic of the team. Since our games haven't
started yet, everyone's roles are pretty much up in the air. All I can
really do is work hard and keep the positivity flowing throughout the
team and see where the cards fold.

SCB: Leading the team in goals (50) for your team last year, how does
that motivate you going forward?

JP: Last year's season is definitely a motivation for me this year. As
my first season playing, I was able to figure out what works well in
college water polo and what needs improvement. It motivates me to keep
working hard to keep progressing every year because I know I can be
successful if I work for it.

SCB: Joining the newly formed Golden Coast Conference, how do you feel
your team will do with the new competition?

JP: The new league has a couple of top 20 teams. It has been our
team's goal for the past couple of years to break into the top 20. Being a new conference with different teams, it gives us ability to
become ranked.

SCB: How has your team been preparing for not only the new conference
but the season as a whole?

JP: Our coach has been pushing us harder than previous years. We are
swimming more, using weight belts and being more competitive during
practice. As I mentioned previously, the leadership on the team is
very strong this year. This helps create a more competitive
environment because everyone is leading by example. Our captain,
Kaitlin Murphy, is doing a lot to keep the team dynamics positive and
keep the team as one unit. This will help our team become successful
throughout the season!

SCB: Majoring in Environmental Science, do you have any big plans going forward?

JP: I currently am an intern at the Center for Sustainability on
campus! My role as an intern is to create a culture of sustainability
in athletics and campus recreation by teaching sustainable practices
and educating my peers. Environmental science and sustainability go
hand-in-hand. After completing my degree in environmental science, I
plan on getting my teaching credential to teach high school science. I
hope to instill a passion for the environment and earth into future
generations like my previous teachers did for me!

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