Checking in with All-American Julia Peters

Checking in with All-American Julia Peters

Written by Lauren Matheson '13, Sports Assistant

After an all-star performance in the pool Julia Peters (JP) made the 2013 All-WWPA First Team in just her first season playing water polo for the Broncos.

The promising 2M from San Jose is no doubt an offensive threat for the Broncos with the stats and accolades to prove it. The journey to her successful 2013 season was not an easy one after redshirting in 2012 due to injuries. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) checked in with Peters to talk about her experience and see what she has been up to over the summer break.

 SCB: You redshirted the 2012 season due to injury, what was your injury and what was it like dealing with your injury?
JP: I actually had a string of injuries that started during our winter break. I kept getting one injury after another and then I ultimately got a concussion during a game that put me out for the rest of the season. It was demoralizing to keep getting injured so often, and dealing with my last concussion was tough. Every part of my life was impacted, especially school. It was very difficult to adjust to having a head injury and not being able to play while also having to keep up with college courses.
SCB: What was the toughest part about being injured. How did you stay physically and mentally strong as you were recovering?
JP: The toughest part about being injured was that my life for three months was directed towards getting healthy. I was unable to play, only allowed to take the bare minimum of classes, and had no social life whatsoever. For those three months I was not allowed to exercise due to my concussion, which made me fall completely out of shape. I was finally cleared to exercise on my own during the summer of 2012 and began training for our off-season in the fall. However, during our off-season, I suffered another injury that kept me out all of fall. When I was cleared again, it was during our winter break and only had a month to get back into shape before season. Keeping mentally strong during that was very tough. Giving up would have been taking the easy way out and that was not an option for me. I knew how much I loved the sport and the main driving force for getting back into shape was the final goal of being able to play.

SCB: How was it finally being able to play your first full season as a Bronco?

JP: I cannot describe the feeling of playing in my first game after being out for so long. Finishing a season healthy was one of the best feelings in the world. I knew I loved the sport so much, but to be competing again was amazing.

SCB: What was your favorite memory from the 2013 season?

JP: My favorite memory is our championship tournament at the end of the season. We played so well together as a team and gave it our all. We ended up finishing third in our conference after finishing seventh the previous season. Another favorite memory was when my coach told me I got All-American recognition, which was unbelievable.

SCB: What have you been up to over the summer break?

JP: Shortly after our season ended, I got invited to tryout for the USA Junior National Team. I trained a lot for that and practiced with our men's team up until the tryouts. I ended up not making it, but it was an incredible experience and satisfying to know that I am considered a top player even after so many injuries.

After those tryouts, I decided to give myself a break from contact sports and swam with a competitive swim team to stay in shape. Besides that, I've been coaching a swim team and life guarding at the pool. Needless to say, the pool is where I am happiest.

SCB: What are you most looking forward to next year at SCU?

JP: I am really excited to take upper division classes that are more specific for my major and to continue living the SCU experience. I am also eager to meet all of the new incoming freshmen on our team!

SCB: You lead the team in goals (50), attempts (144) and steals (46) and made the 2013 WWPA All-Conference First Team. What sort of individual goals have you set for next season?

JP: My only goal for next season is to remain healthy. I know if I remain healthy, I can bring a lot to our team and to continue to get better. I am going to do everything possible to make sure I do not get injured again!

SCB: What do you like most about being an SCU student-athlete?

JP: The thing I love most about being an SCU student-athlete is the sense of community amongst the student-athletes and athletic faculty. I know that if I need advice or some inspiration, there are other coaches and athletes who are willing to help. My grandfather, Frank Fiscalini, was also an SCU student-athlete and I love being able to meet alums that have such incredible stories from back when they played sports at SCU.

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