Senior Look Prepares for 2011 Season

Jade Look
Jade Look

By Chelsea Flintoft '14

Senior Jade Look (JL) and the women's water polo team have been working very hard this preseason to prepare for the 2011 season. From Honolulu, Hawaii, Look has been an impact player on this team since her freshman year. Now as a senior, she wants to step up and be a leader for the Broncos. Recently, (SCB) asked Look about the new players, time management, and leadership for the 2011 season.

SCB: Now as a senior on the team, what type of a leadership position do you hope to bring to your team?

JL: As a senior, I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained over the past three years to help the underclassmen in any way they need. Whether it has to deal with water polo, school or personal issues, I want to be able to help them through anything to make their experience playing at Santa Clara as special as it was for me. In terms of water polo, I hope to bring the skills and knowledge I have gained about the game to help our team improve and do well during the season and at WWPA's.

SCB: Personally, what do you believe is something you need to focus on to improve your overall game for the 2011 season?

JL: I believe I need to focus on being more aggressive on offense and not being afraid to shoot the ball when I have the opportunity.

SCB: As a business major, how do you balance academics and sports here at Santa Clara?

JL: It is all about time management. You need to stay on top of your workload and have good planning especially during season when you are traveling. It also helps that Coach understands that academics comes first and is flexible with class and practice scheduling. Knowing when to ask for help from academic advisers and counselors have also helped me maintain the balance of being a student-athlete.

SCB: How have the freshmen been fitting in with the rest of the team?

JL: The freshmen this year are fitting in with our team extremely well. With a large group of new people there is always the chance of running into challenges integrating them into the team, but we have not seen any of those challenges with this group. They all seem to be adjusting well to our water polo system and style of play, and to the lifestyle of being a college student-athlete.

SCB: What are your post-grad plans for the future?

JL: Currently, my post-grad plans include getting a job and some work experience around this area and then eventually going to graduate school here at Santa Clara.

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