Taylor Harkins Shares Some Fun Moments About SCU Water Polo

Taylor Harkins
Taylor Harkins

By Chelsea Flintoft '14

Taylor Harkins, a senior from Newport Beach, Calif., has been an impact player for the Women's Water Polo team the past four years. In high school, she won three CIF Championships and played in the Pan-Pacific Games in New Zealand. At Santa Clara, she was named to the All-WWPA Freshman Team in 2008 during her first collegiate year. SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCU) recently talked with the marketing major about her final season here at SCU.

SCU: As a senior on the women's water polo team, what are some of your individual goals for your final season?

TH: My goal this year is to consciously enjoy every moment I spend with my team, my coach [Keith Wilbur], and playing water polo. I am grateful that I get to be on a team with so many amazing girls and to be part of an incredible senior class with Wren White, Whitney Allen, Caitlin Espe, Amanda Miller and Jade Look.

SCU: What do you hope the team will accomplish this year?

TH: Each class has so much depth and strength and together. I think we will be able to accomplish great things this year. I hope that we can look back at this season and be proud of the way we came together as a team to perform to our highest potential. 

SCU: As you look back on previous seasons, what have been some of your favorite moments?

TH: One of my favorite memories is Coach Wilbur's annual finals story. Halfway through finals week when we are all stressed out, Coach brings us into the team room and tells his hilarious Princeton finals story. I do not want to ruin the story but I will tell you this: I do not think anyone could have a better finals story than his.

I have so many great memories from our team trips to Arizona, Indiana, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield. Traveling with the team is always an adventure! I will never forget our 15-passenger van rides and all of the ridiculous things that happened during the trips. 

SCU: Outside of water polo, what is something most people don't know about you?

TH: I slept on the Great Wall of China in 20-degree weather and zip-lined down the next morning.

SCU: Any post-grad plans for the future?

TH: Right now I am excited about all the possibilities that are ahead of me. I have not made a decision about which path I would like to pursue but I am considering attending culinary school, working for a marketing firm or perhaps volunteering for the 2012 Olympics in London. I feel prepared for whatever path I chose thanks to my experience and education at Santa Clara University.


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