Wren White Plays Major Role as Keeper for SCU Water Polo

Wren White Plays Major Role as Keeper for SCU Water Polo

By Carolyn Linck, '11

Wren White, a senior from Los Gatos, Calif. is excited for her final year in goal for the Broncos water polo team.  Recently www.SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCB) caught up with White (WW) about her role as a senior, her expectations for this season, and how she was introduced to water polo. 

SCB: How old were you when you starting playing water polo? How were you introduced to the sport?

WW: I started playing water polo when I was 11 years old.  A family friend had gotten involved in water polo, and she was my idol at the time so I basically did everything that she did.

SCB: Have you always been a goalkeeper? What do you like about playing this position?

WW: I started out as a field player, but when my team was at Junior Olympics when I was 13 our goalie didn't show up so we rotated through sharing the position.  I did really well in goal, so I became the team goalie for the rest of the tournament and after that it just kind of stuck. 

SCB: How do you view your role on the team as a senior? Do you try to help or mentor any of the younger girls?

WW: I hope to be a mentor for the younger girls.  Being a goalie I get a different perspective of the pool than most of the field players, so I can give some good advice.  I try to help every one improve on their shots, and they return the favor by getting better and helping me get better in the cage. 

SCB: Do you see yourself as a leader? How would you describe your leadership style?

WW: I can see myself as a leader on the team, but I think that all the seniors on the team lead as a group because of our experience. Many people on our team have the opportunity to step into a leadership role. 

SCB: What are you looking forward to most in your senior season? What are your goals and expectations of this year?

WW: I am really excited for this season.  I think our team has a lot of potential.  We have a really young team this year, but I believe that we are going to do well.  We had some pre-season scrimmages, and I felt that we showed a lot of talent and potential especially from some of our younger players. 

SCB: What is your best memory from your four years of playing water polo for Santa Clara?

WW: I have many great memories with SCU water polo, but beating CSU Bakersfield to play in the championship game is by far my best memory.   The end of the game we were so happy and it was just a great feeling to know that we were going to be playing for the champions for the first time in SCU water polo history.

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