Bronco Sand Defeats Cal 3-2 To Close Out Season

Bronco Sand Defeats Cal 3-2 To Close Out Season

Santa Clara wrapped up its sand season on April 18 with a 3-2 victory at Cal.  The Broncos finished their second season of sand with a 7-8 record, falling six times to top 10 teams.

Bronco head coach Jon Wallace (JW) reflected back on the match at Cal with a smile, saying the team thoroughly enjoyed their final match this season.

SCU: Can you describe the atmosphere?

JW: Cal has these two kind of funky courts in the middle of the woods, and right before we started our first match the entire Cal band showed up and played.

SCU: The infamous Cal Band? 

JW: Their band played and had fun with our girls. It was a tough match and we ended up losing that first one. But it really fired up and motivated our girls to play well against Cal.  The rest of the team proved they wanted it, they played great and we ended up winning 3-2 at Cal in their home court. It was a great win for us.

SCU: Sounds like a great atmosphere!

JW: It really was a great atmosphere. Being up in the neat courts and the band playing and kind of, we have great family support that day.

Chloe Sliger and Chloe Lott played in the No. 4 spot for the first time at Cal. They were 12-4 this spring so they earned a spot to score and they did. They played great.

Katy Schatzman and Lacey Maas had a great battle and won.  

Danielle Rottman and Sabrina Clayton beat Cal's No. 2 team in two and played really well.  

It was just a great end for our sand season to end on a winning note, to beat Cal with all their fanfare. It was really great and we appreciate Cal and their head coach, Rich Feller, for making it such a festive atmosphere.