Bronco Sand Defeats San Jose State

Bronco Sand Defeats San Jose State

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Santa Clara defeated San Jose State Wednesday 5-0 in sand volleyball. The match was considered a home match for the Broncos even though both teams train and play at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos.  

Santa Clara is 2-1 this season and San Jose State is 0-3.

The Broncos are off for finals the next 10 days and will return to the sand on March 29 when they play Hawaii, UCLA and host-Stanford.  

The results follow:

1 Taylor Milton- Nikki Hess defeated Roy-Pieper 21-14, 21-12

2 Danielle Rottman- Sabrina Clayton defeated Jacobsen-Powers 21-13, 21-23, 15-7

3 Gigi Cresto- Taylor Dayton defeated Skadeland-O'Donohue 21-9, 21-17 

4 Sarah Vaccaro- Madison Dutra defeated Diffine-Webb 21-11, 21-5

5 Katy Schatzman- Lacey Maas defeated Albiani-Segura 21-7, 21-6

6. Chloe Lott- Chloe Sliger defeated Powers-Jacobsen 17-21, 21-13, 15-13 (exhibition)