Haley Cameron Heads Into Her Final Season as a Bronco

Haley Cameron
Haley Cameron

By: Jessica Shusko

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-  It is almost time for volleyball season, and the Broncos are just in the beginning of getting back into top-notch shape for their season. Senior Haley Cameron (HC) has been working hard all summer to keep her skills sharp for her final season with the Broncos.

The Broncos will play their first game of the season on Aug. 30, at the Bulldog Invitational at Fresno State.

SBC: What have you been up to this summer? Any fun vacations or just relaxing at home?

HC: This summer I have been focused on staying in shape by working out as much as possible. Other than that I have also been pretty lucky to have a lot of my best friends in town that I can spend time catching up with. I did go on one vacation this summer with my family to New York City and Boston. It was great to have the four of us together and especially for us to visit Boston for the first time.

SCB: What have you done for summer training to get ready for season?

HC: I really like to go to spin classes to keep my cardio going but I have also been doing our team lift three times a week. I like to play volleyball as much as possible too, and sometimes I get out and play at the beach courts near my house.

SCB: You reported on August 9th for the start of season, what are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

HC: Going into my senior season is really exciting because I am just ready to play! All of us seniors have one last chance to have our best season yet and that is an exciting type of motivation. Also we have eight incoming players that are all great. I had a chance to play with each of them during our summer camp and I know they are going to be important additions to the team. I can't wait to get started and see where this team goes! 

SCB: Do you think you will continue a career in volleyball after college, whether it is coaching or playing some pick up games?

HC: I don't think that I will ever be able to completely stop playing volleyball. It has been my passion and at the center of my life for so long that stopping seems impossible. After I graduate I do not plan to play professionally because I want to continue school and get a masters degree with out taking any time off. But just because I am not playing professionally, it doesn't mean I wont take any opportunity to get out on a court and play just for fun.

SCB: As you start to reflect back on your career here on the Mission Campus, what are some of your favorite memories as a Bronco? 

HC: I know the whole team can agree that we had some hard fought wins last year, most of which were in five games, that were such fun games to play in. Playing BYU at home was especially memorable because they are a topped rank team that we ended up beating in an exciting fifth set, 16-14. Another great memory was our trip to St. Louis and going up in the arch, the view from the top was amazing!