Maas Anticipates Her Upcoming Season

Maas Anticipates Her Upcoming Season

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter Kendra Cavaney '15

Sophomore Lacey Maas (LM) is gearing up for her second season as a Bronco on the volleyball team. Despite having an early injury that kept her out for most of her freshman year, Maas has been working hard mentally and physically to get back into the game and compete. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) had a moment to ask Maas a few questions about what she is up to and who she's most excited to play against this season.

SCB: What have you been up to this summer? 

LM: It's actually been one of the most relaxed summers I've ever had! Besides hanging out with friends, I really just focused on getting stronger both mentally and physically as well as getting better at volleyball.  I was in the gym and working with my trainer a lot. I also worked all of the SCU volleyball camps with Chloe Sliger and Katy Schatzman and that was really fun.

SCB: Since you're going to be a sophomore now, how do you think your first season at SCU was and what you hope to get better on for this season?

LM: Unfortunately I got injured pretty badly early in the season which affected me for quite awhile and it was tough to bounce back. However I learned from it and it really motivated me to work super hard this summer to prepare for this season. I'm really excited to be ready and healthy and back on the court. 

SCB: Do you think team chemistry is important for volleyball? On and off the court?

LM: Team chemistry is extremely important for volleyball seeing as it's a team sport. It takes unselfish commitment from every single player.  The more a team can work together and have common goals, the better they will be. As long as teammates can get along and want to improve together in the gym, chemistry off the court is more of a major bonus.

SCB: What team do you look forward to most playing in conference? 

LM: Saint Mary's. I watched their team growing up and our team has a pretty big rivalry with them so I can't wait to play them again.

SCB: You earned 15 kills last season in the 11 matches you played.  Are you setting a goal to beat that number?

LM: I'd definitely rather my numbers be looking something more like 15 kills in one match than 11 matches.

SCB: Do you have an upperclassmen that you look up to for pointers?

LM: Haley Cameron, Megan Anders and Taylor Milton all play the same position as I do and they're all really good players. They each have qualities in their game that I aspire to have, like Haley has a really positive energy and is always looking to get better, Megan is super smart on the court about where she places the ball, and Taylor is one of the hardest hitters I know. 

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