Volleyball Wins 20th Match of the Year With 3-2 Win Over USF

Volleyball Wins 20th Match of the Year With 3-2 Win Over USF

SCU-USF Volleyball Highlights

Santa Clara won its 20th match of the year on Thursday night with a 3-2 win over USF.  Santa Clara is 9-3 in five set matches this year, including 4-1 in West Coast Conference play.  Set scores were 25-21, 25-27, 25-15, 17-25 and 15-12.  SCU is 20-8 and 9-4 in the WCC. USF is 14-12 and 5-8 in the WCC. Santa Clara will travel to No. 14 BYU on Saturday before returning home next Thursday night for its final home match of the year – Senior Night.

"We just gave ourselves a good chance mentally and emotionally in gave five and that goes a long way.  We really know how to execute in shorter games.  The more you play, the more comfortable you get and that has helped our confidence," said Bronco head coach Jon Wallace.  "Katy did a great job on being our floor leader on defense. She made a lot of plays for us. She help up passing for us and was really really good tonight."

Santa Clara was led by five hitters in double figures.  Megans Anders had 25 kills, two block solos and two block assists. Katherine Douglas had 14 kills and 13 digs, hitting .312 (4 e, 32 att).  Taylor Milton scored 14 kills with 16 digs and two aces.  Kayla Lommori had 12 kills and Haley Cameron also added 11.  Alyssa Anderson had 44 assists and 23 digs.   Chelsea Heier had 18 assists and seven digs.  Katy Schatzman had 25 digs and five assists for the Broncos.

"Haley Cameron was a big weapon for us. She did a nice job," added Wallace. "She really helped us because they did a good job slowing up Megan tonight. Kat had her best attacking match of the whole year, she dug well and attacked very well as well."

USF was led by Jocelyn Levig's 21 kills.  Valentina Zaloznik added 15.  Leanna Ludes scored 42 assists with 12 digs.  Rebecca Kopilovitch had 23 digs.

Santa Clara hit .210 with 71 kills (30 e, 195 att.).  They collected 70 assists, seven service aces, 10 service errors, 94 digs and eight team blocks. USF hit .159 with 53 kills (24 e, 182 att.).  They collected 48 assists, five service aces, five service errors, 76 digs and 15 team blocks.

The teams tied it up three times in the early going of set one.  USF knocked down three straight kills to take a 6-3 lead before Cameron crushed it in the back row for a sideout.  USF went up 10-8 before Anders smacked it down for a kill.  Douglas tied it up 10-10 on a little tap across the net for a kill.  Milton served an ace, Williamson and Anders teamed up for a block and Anders crushed it to give the Broncos a 13-10 lead.  USF called for time after Levig hit it long, 14-10.  The teams traded points with Douglas scoring a kill off the block.  After a long rally, Milton hit the ball into the donut for a kill, 17-12 Broncos.  The Dons scored three straight before the Broncos called timeout, up 17-15.  The Dons scored four of the next five to go up 19-18. Timeout Broncos.  Cameron collected a block solo and then Anderson scored two aces to go up 22-20.  Timeout USF.  Williamson's kill was matched by Milton's cross court to give SCU set points, 24-20.  Milton's swing went long, but after a long rally her swing hit the backcourt for a kill, giving SCU set one 25-21.  SCU hit .275 with 17 kills (6 e, 40 att.).  USF hit .154 with 11 kills (5 e, 39 att.).  Both Douglas and Milton scored four kills each. 

The teams tied it up early on in set two.  Milton's ace made it 4-1 SCU.  The Dons scrapped back for a pair, before Anders crushed it off a Dons player, 5-3 SCU.  Ace by Zaloznik tied it up 5-5.  A Douglas kill off the block gave SCU a sideout.  Cameron's kill in the back court a attack error by Terrell put SCU 8-6.  Lommori's cross court kill was followed by a service error by her.  Milton's kill gave SCU the sideout, 10-8 SCU.  A couple Bronco errors tied it up 10-10. The teams then traded service errors.  Anders tip gave SCU the lead.  After USF scored, Lommori's kill gave SCU the lead again.  A USF kill followed one by Douglas and another by Milton, 15-13 SCU.   A team block by Cameron and Lommori  followed a hitting error by Hadley Simmons. USF whistled for time with SCU up 17-14.  Terrell hit it out of bounds coming off the bench from the timeout, 18-14 SCU.  The Dons scored twice when Wallace called for time, with the Broncos leading 18-16.  Anders kill off the slide made it 20-17 SCU.  The Dons scored a couple and then Douglas and Milton scored kills to go up 22-19.  Timeout USF.  USF scored twice before SCU called for time, 22-21.  USF tied it up with its third straight point.  A kill by Levig gave USF the point and an ace by Zaloznik gave USF set point, 24-22.  Anders kill on the slide stopped the run.  An ace by Heier tied it up 24-24.  Levig's kill gave USF the sideout, but Cameron's kill in the back tied it up 25-25.  Milton hit right into the block to give USF the sideout and Lommori hit it out to give USF game two 27-25.  SCU hit .325 with 18 kills (5 e, 40 att.).  USF hit .294 with 14 kills (4 e, 34 att.).

A team block by Anders and Milton started off the scoring for SCU in set three.  Anders kill gave SCU the ball.  Kills by Anders and Cameron made it 4-2.  Lommori's kill was followed by Cameron after a long rally, 6-3 SCU.  Lommori's kill was followed by an ace by Douglas, 8-3 SCU. A team block by the Dons followed a hitting error by Levig.  A kill by Terrell was matched by a kill on a tip by Cameron, 10-5 SCU.  Anders attempt was blocked, but Milton scored a kill on the next play, 11-7 SCU.  USF scored a couple kills before Douglas smacked it off a Dons player for a kill, 12-9 SCU.  Anders kill off the blocker was followed by a block solo by her as well.  USF whistled for time, down 14-9.  SCU scored four straight to go up 18-9.  De Vires kill stopped the run, but Segota's serve whizzed out of bounds.  Levig's 12th kill of the match gave USF the sideout again.  Cameron's tip for a kill put SCU up 20-11.  Lommori's kill was followed by a Douglas dig that flew over the net for a kill in the back row.  USF called for time again, down 22-12.  A hitting error by de Vries gave SCU the ball, but she was redeemed on the next play with a kill, 23-14 SCU.  Williamson punched the ball over for a kill to get SCU set point, 24-14.  A kill by Zaloznik off the block gave USF the ball.  Williamson's attempt grazed off Levig for a kill giving SCU set three 25-15.  SCU hit .364 with 15 kills (3 e, 33 att.).  USF hit .190 with 11 kills (7 e, 32 att.). 

USF started off set four on a 4-0 run. Milton's kill was followed by one by Williamson to stop the rally.  Douglas' kill down the line was followed by a block solo by her and a kill by Lommori tied it up 5-5.  After a USF sideout, Lommori's kill of the block tied it up 6-6.  USF scored a couple kills and then an ace to push its lead to 9-6 before Terrell smacked it out for a Bronco sideout.  Lommori's scored a kill after a long rally before de Vires hit it into the net for an error to tie it up 9-9.  A couple Bronco hitting errors were then matched by Lommori's kill through the block and a hitting error by de Vries to tie it up 11-11.  USF scored three straight before Wallace called for time, down 14-11.  Another deVries hitting error gave SCU the sideout.  USF scrapped for four more to push its lead to 18-13 before SCU called for time.  USF scored six of the next seven points to go ahead 24-14.  The Dons served it into the net and Douglas and Anders scored kills to rally.  USF called for time and scored set point on a dink kill, winning 25-17.  SCU hit -.042 to collect 10 kills (12 e, 48 att.). USF hit .109 with 11 kills (6 e, 46 att.).    

Taylor hit it cross court for a kill and Douglas scored on a kill down the line after a long rally.  Anders scored a kill off the block and then Douglas added another.  DeVries ball was blocked by Anders and Douglas to put SCU up 5-0.  The Dons scored a couple before an attempt by Douglas scored a kill off the block.  The Dons scored a sideout on a kill by Levig, her 17th of the match.  Another team block by the Dons off an Anders attempt made it 6-4 SCU.  Anders attempt skidded off the hands of Kopilovitch but Heier served it out to give USF the ball.  A kill by Vevig made it 7-6 SCU.  Levig tied it up 7-7 when Wallace whistled for time.  A tip by Cameron for a kill and a Douglas ace put SCU up 9-7.  The teams traded kills before an attack error by Kopilovitch made it 10-8 SCU.  A kill by Levig was followed by a service error by her as well, 11-9 SCU.  Timeout USF.  After a sideout, Milton's kill knocked down two USF players before Douglas' attempt was blocked with SCU up 12-11.  Anders 14th kill of the match made it 13-11 SCU. Timeout USF.  Williamson pushed the ball down on the floor for a kill and a match point, 14-11 SCU.  Levig kept USF alive with a kill.  Anders kill hit the back row for a kill and gave SCU a 15-12 set five win.