Volleyball's Schatzman Re-lives MVP Weekend in Families Hometown, Including Visit to Arch

Volleyball's Schatzman Re-lives MVP Weekend in Families Hometown, Including Visit to Arch

By Student Assistant Oliva McGillis '14

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -  Katy Schatzman (KS) traveled back with the Bronco volleyball team to her roots of St. Louis, Mo. She showcased her talent in front of friends and family from the area, took her teammates and coaches to the Arch, and better yet, was named MVP of the SIUE tournament. SantaClaraBroncos (SCB) caught up with Schatzman and got the low down on the tournament and found out some of her favorite moments from the trip.

SCB: How was it playing in St. Louis with all your friends and family? Did they all come to see you play? 

KS: I loved playing in St. Louis with my family there! They were at all of my matches in the SCU gear cheering me on. It meant a lot to me having all that support at our matches.

SCB: Tell us about the visit to the Arch with your team. 

KS: The Arch was an exciting visit. We took these tiny elevators all the way to the top. At the top we could see all of downtown St. Louis on one side and the Mississippi River/Illinois on the other. We also had a perfect view seeing right into Busch Stadium. It's where the St. Louis Cardinals, the defending World Champions, play.

SCB: What was your favorite part about your trip back to St. Louis?

KS: My favorite part about the whole trip was just seeing my family and having them attend all of our matches.

SCB: Your aunt held a BBQ for your team. How did it go and what was on the menu?

KS: The BBQ was delicious. My aunt had the whole team and my whole family over to her house. She had a huge BBQ with chicken, ribs, prime rib, salad, fruit and cheesy potatoes. It was amazing food!

SCB: How did it feel to be named MVP of the tournament in front of your family and friends?

KS: It was really exciting to play well in front of them all. 

SCB: What team are you most looking forward to playing this year and why?

KS: I'm really excited for all of our matches this year. Our conference is really tough this year and every match is going to be a battle. It is going to be an exciting year!