SCU Volleyball Helps Raise More Than $32,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research & $85,000+ In Last Four Years; National Call In Day Tuesday!

SCU Volleyball Helps Raise More Than $32,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research & $85,000+ In Last Four Years; National Call In Day Tuesday!

National Call In Day is Tuesday, June 26. Click here for more information!

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NOTE: The fifth annual Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer is already slated for Sat., May 11, 2013 on the Santa Clara campus.

The grand total this year is in and it's pretty amazing! The Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer, hosted on the Mission Campus on May 12, 2012 in cooperation the Bronco volleyball team, raised more than $32,000 this year! The Bronco volleyball team has worked with Arlene Mariani and UCSF to raise almost $85,000 in donations as part of the Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer in the past four years! 

"I am so overwhelmed with the generosity. 
So many of you have put so many smiles on faces," said Mariani, the mother-in-law of Bronco head coach Jon Wallace. "You are giving those a chance with Pancreatic Cancer to live longer."

"The final number this year is awesome! Arlene Mariani does a great job in our community and bringing awareness for Pancreatic Cancer to the fore-front," said Wallace.  "I am very proud of our volleyball program for being a part of such a worthy cause.  We have worked with Arlene and UCSF to raise almost $85,000 in Pancreatic Cancer donations for research and that really is staggering."

Mariani also encouraged those to be active as part of Tuesday's National Call in Day.   "There is no federal funding for Pancreatic Cancer. We now have a chance of changing this dilemma.  There is a bill titled the Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act. Tuesday, June 26 is National Call in Day! So call your representative in Congress to urge them to take the next step and bring this bill to the floor by the end of the year and vote yes.

Click here for call-in information!

Mariani was moved in a recent article when she read 'the sad truth is that there are few survivors to advocate for more research funding.'  She believes it's really up to us now.


We have a lot of work to do, but I want to thank everyone so much for all the support they have shown," said Mariani. "I know we have made a difference and UCSF is supportive of our efforts.  Their team does so much of the paperwork with the Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  We aren't a non-profit so we can pass every penny on to them."

"I thank Santa Clara University for allowing us to walk on their beautiful campus. It all works with all these giving hearts.

  To those struggling with this disease I hope we have given you some hope in your heart and to you advocates I thank you also. Without you, we have no hope of helping to find a way to strike at this disease.
  We are small, but we are mighty.

 With sincere gratitude and lots of hope in my heart," added Mariani.