Brad Keller Resigns to Take Position With UCLA Men’s Volleyball

Brad Keller Resigns to Take Position With UCLA Men’s Volleyball

Santa Clara, Calif.  - Brad Keller, who has been with the Santa Clara volleyball program since Feb. 6, 2012, resigned his position with the Broncos on June 9 to take a similar position with the UCLA men's volleyball team.

"We wish Brad Keller good luck as he moves on after four months with us to work with the UCLA men's volleyball team," said Bronco head volleyball coach Jon Wallace.  "Bronco assistant coach Matt Lyles and I are very confident as we move forward to the summer and the fall that the team is in the right place as we have set high goals for ourselves this next year and in the years to come.  The women worked very hard in the winter training with athletic performance director Ryan Leake and continued to make a lot of progress with Matt and I in the gym during spring training. I look forward to the ladies finishing their finals this week, taking some time off and then hitting the gym hard in August so they are ready for what looks to be a very competitive and promising fall season. Go Broncos!"

"Before I talk about the bright future of the Bronco volleyball team, I need to take a quick look back at all the progress we made this winter and spring," said Bronco assistant coach Matt Lyles.  "The team really embraced Ryan Leake, competed so hard in the gym and made huge strides playing sand volleyball.  We came in with a new enthusiasm for the sport and the team has really embraced the new culture we are working to instill here. The team found passion in the sport that we haven't had in awhile.  They have fallen in love with the sport again. We set up individuals and spring training so they would enjoy the sport again. We set up the beach tournament in Malibu and structured the workouts with Ryan so the women could fall in love with the sport again.  I feel like we are accomplishing that and more!  I know we are all really excited for that first practice of double days in August.  I wish the team the best of luck on their finals this week – they know we hold a high standard in the classroom and we are excited about their academic results."

"First, I want to thank Jon, Matt and the Santa Clara Athletic Department for giving me this opportunity. I have more than enjoyed my short time here," said Keller, who spent a season with the UCONN women's volleyball program before coming to Santa Clara in February.  "I love the Santa Clara atmosphere, family and team. It's a very special place.  I have a unique opportunity to go back to the men's side of college volleyball and I am excited about that opportunity.  I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed my time here. Jon has been an incredible leader, mentor and family man.  I am excited for the future of Santa Clara volleyball.  Young women across the country would be lucky to play under the guidance of Jon, Matt and the Santa Clara logo.  The buzz that the team has created, the systems they have worked on, the growth of the Bronco team in five months has been nothing but spectacular.  I wish the women on this team the very best of luck in the future. I was more than honored and proud to be a part of this organization, even for a brief time. I love this team, Jon and Matt."

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