Santa Clara Volleyball's Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer May 12 (TOMORROW!) on the Mission Campus!

Santa Clara Volleyball's Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer May 12 (TOMORROW!) on the Mission Campus!

Read the Bronco volleyball players thoughts below ...

Click here for information on the Fourth Annual Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer

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Release on last year's Santa Clara Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer and Photo Gallery

On May 12, TOMORROW, SATURDAY!, the Santa Clara volleyball team, along with the Bronco Athletic Department, will host the fourth annual Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer on the beautiful Santa Clara University campus.  Last year's event - which featured the Bronco volleyball, women's golf and men's and women's basketball teams - was bigger and better than ever and this year we need your participation even more. 

You can register now! Register Today! The walk is tomorrow, Sat., May 12!

One note: For those who have registered and for those who are registering Saturday, W4PC will meet at the atrium of the University's Library. The Leavey parking for those who have parked there before is being used for an event in the Athletic Center.

**Please park in the main parking structure on Palm Drive.

** Parking is free. To get there, enter the Main SCU entrance located at 500 El Camino Real continue past the kiosk and enter the parking structure located just past Buck Shaw Stadium on the left. Walk to the south end where you will see stairs and an elevator. On the bottom floor signs will be directing you to the W4PC gathering site.

If you gps 500 El Camino Real and enlarge it you will see the University Library. It is directly across from the Multicultural/Benson Center.

For those of you needing directions to the University here is the link.

See you Saturday. Check in starts at 7:45a.m.

The event has raised more than $53,000 the last three years. All proceeds will benefit the Pancreas Cancer Program at UCSF - an organization which is doing great work fighting this very debilitating condition.  

In addition to the walkers, Dr. Tempero of UCSF will be the special guest speaker at this year's walk. Please click here for her bio.

"We hope you make plans to walk with us alongside family and friends while supporting this extremely worthwhile cause," said Bronco volleyball coach Jon Wallace.  

The Bronco volleyball team, through the Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer and Dig Pink, has raised more than $71,500 for cancer research and support for cancer patients over the last five years.

"We are proud of the money we have been able to help raise.  It is going to a very worthy cause, a very needed cause.  The team really rallies around the Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer, a lot of the parents come in town for it.  It's one of our core values - it's about supporting things in the community that are bigger than volleyball," added Wallace.  "The money raised is almost as important as the awareness we want to bring to the community. Please come out and walk on May 12.  If you can't walk, then please make a donation on the website in kind." (click here to do so: Fourth Annual Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer)

Nearly ever walker in the last three years has been impacted in some manner by pancreatic cancer, be it a friend, a relative or acquaintance.  As you probably know, this cancer claimed two of Santa Clara's brightest lights - Abby Sobrato '83 and Father Paul Locatelli.  

You may wish to walk in their memory or that of someone else close to you.  

Whatever your motivation we hope that you will join us. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

$40 Adults and $10 Students

7:45 a.m., Registration, In Front of the Library on Campus

8:30 a.m., 10K Walk 

Santa Clara's Volleyball Players Talk About the Pancreatic Cancer Walk

"The Pancreatic Cancer walk is extremely important to our team, because we are working for a great cause. We walk to make a difference and show our Bronco Spirit," said rising senior Kayla Lommori.  "I get a sense of appreciation for all of the people who choose to take part in the walk and who are willing to give to others.

"I have lost a couple of close friends and my grandmother to cancer," continued Lommori. "Cancer is evil and does not discriminate against anyone. I am so grateful that there are people who are passionate about potentially saving a life. I will be walking for Josh Farler, Sean Kelly, and my Grandma."

"Cancer, whether its pancreatic or any other type, affects everyone in some way and unfortunately, there is no way to escape this reality.  The walk shows our families, school, and community that we care about those who are affected by cancer and to show that we care, we are proactive towards increasing awareness and raising money to help those who suffer from cancer," said rising senior Lexi Williamson.  "The past two years of participating in the walk has increased my awareness towards those who suffer from pancreatic cancer.  The participants of the walk most likely are walking for someone they know who has passed or is suffering due to this cancer.  To see the love, support, and energy these people bring to the walk is truly inspiring."

"I have never been personally affected by cancer and I thank God everyday for my good health," said Williamson.  "I am proud to say that my grandmother (Lisa Carniello) defeated breast cancer, but sadly her sister (Jenny Cerisara) just recently passed due to breast cancer.  My grandfather (Richard Carniello) has also defeated cancer.  My other grandfather (Fred Williamson) passed due to a blood disease.  These are all the people I will be walking for!!"

"The walk is very important to our team because pancreatic cancer is one to the leading death among cancer diseases today. Not only is the walk enjoyable for ourselves, family, and friends, but it also allows us to participate, and come together to give back to the community in supporting a great cause," said rising junior Katherine Douglas.  "As a team, we get the satisfaction and pride in being a part of the process to help end pancreatic cancer.  We also become more educated about the severity of pancreatic cancer and how it has affected so many lives. "

"Although I personally don't know of many people who have been affected by pancreatic cancer, this walk is particularly special to our team because our coach's relative (I believe Nancy's grandfather) died of the cancer many years ago," added Douglas.



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