Bronco Volleyball Student-Athletes Compete in Iron Bronco

Lommori, Kayla
Lommori, Kayla
By: Kaitlin Fuelling '13

Each year during spring quarter, students hit the gym, the pavement, and the pool, more than ever to participate in the annual Iron Bronco.  This event is a spinoff of the well-known Iron Man, a triathlon consisting of a 2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike ride, and 26.2 mi run.  Santa Clara students, as well as staff, are able to compete on their own or in groups of 3 over the two weeks.  This year, a number of Bronco volleyball players decided to test out the race and compete together. SCB: was able to catch up with one of the team members, Kayla Lommori (KL), to discuss her training and why she chose to compete.

SCB: Have you participated in the Iron Bronco before?
KL: Yes, I participated in the Iron Bronco last year with Kaleigh Durket.

SCB: What made you decide to try it out this year?
Kaleigh and I have fun participating and it feels so good to accomplish a goal.

SCB: How is competing in something like this different from training for the volleyball season?

KL: I like how I can compete with myself by participating in the Iron Bronco.  I can workout on my own time and focus on my personal fitness.

SCB: Are you dividing up the mileage within your team? Which parts are you doing? What is your weakest/strongest area?
We are actually doing it individually.  Personally, I think that swimming is my strongest area.  I used to be in swim team, and it is by far my favorite way to exercise.  The biking is the hardest for me, because we have to use the stationary bikes.  It gets pretty tedious when I'm peddling and peddling but don't get to go anywhere.

SCB: How does participating in an event like this bring you and your team together? Are you racing together or on your own times?
We try to do the workouts together, but our schedules do not always work out that way.  When we are able to work out together, it makes it so much more fun. It keeps us accountable to stick with our game plan.  I think that doing the Iron Bronco does bring us closer together, and it's cool to see all of us working toward a goal.

SCB: Do you plan to compete in any sort of road race or triathlon outside of Santa Clara, possibly after you graduate?
KL: I think that after I graduate from Santa Clara, I will continue to be an active person. I would love to participate in those types of events later on.

SCB: What do you see/have you seen as the toughest part about completing something like the Iron Bronco?
Time management is the hardest for me.  I have to force myself to run and bike as much as possible.

SCB: Where do you do most of the race?  Do you work out most of the time in the gym or outside?
I run the campus loop or on Bellomy Field.  We all use the Malley Gym to bike and swim.

SCB: Do you plan to do anything to celebrate?
We haven't talked about a celebration yet, but I'm sure we will think of something when we have finished.

SCB: Any other thoughts on the race/training?
I love doing the Iron Bronco and I love that anybody can sign up and participate.  I would encourage anyone to sign up and challenge themselves.

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