Local Girl Kaleigh Durket Looks to Impress One Last Time on Volleyball Court

Local Girl Kaleigh Durket Looks to Impress One Last Time on Volleyball Court

The Santa Clara women's volleyball team is hungry to get back on the court and rising senior Kaleigh Durket has high expectations for the upcoming season. She is ready to make an impact on the court and help lead the Bronco squad back to the postseason.

SCU: What are the team's expectations for this next season?

KD: For the upcoming season our team is looking to be a top contender in conference. With all the changes that are taking place, the hard work, and the amazing feel on the team I think we have a good shot at taking conference next year.

SCU: How are the coaches pushing the team and you to get better?

KD: The coaches are making us better every time we step on the court by pushing us out of our comfort zone with new drills and new approaches to playing volleyball.

SCU: How is the team reacting to the new assistant coaches? 

KD: Our team is really happy with our new assistants. Both Brad [Keller] and Matty [Matt Lyles] bring an awesome positive energy to the gym each day, on top of an amazing knowledge of the game. Right now we are just trying to soak in everything they say to us so that we can continue getting better.

SCU: What improvements are you looking to make this offseason?

KD: As a team we are working on a few improvements; a quicker offense, aggressive serves, and great ball control. Personally I want to continue to improve on my defensive game and becoming the most dynamic hitter on the court.

SCU: What are some personal goals that you would like to achieve in your senior season?

KD: Personally, next year I would like to see my team go as far as I know we can. I know that is going to take hard work and strong leadership out of the senior class, but I have faith that we will be great next year.

SCU: Being a local kid, from El Dorado Hills, Calif.
, how is it being able to play in front of your family and friends?

KD: Having my family there to support me every game is something I cherish so much. I love being able to look into the stands whether I'm playing well or not and see my parents and little brother cheering me on. It really keeps me focused and excited to play every game.

SCU: What are your plans after graduation?

KD: After graduation I am planning on going to law school, wish me luck! 


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