Volleyball's Anders Making Sustainability Contributions Felt

Volleyball's Anders Making Sustainability Contributions Felt

By Gabriel Taylor '12

Bronco volleyball's rising junior Megan Anders discovered a way to combine her love for sports and sustainability when she landed the position of Sustainability Intern, Athletics and Recreation on the Mission Campus. Being involved as a student-athlete always appealed to her, and when the opportunity to apply for an internship position in the Sustainability Office popped up on BroncoLink, she couldn't pass.

Sustainability includes three key elements; environment, social equality, and economic values; all of which, Anders recognizes as key components to a better world.  

"I have grown up incorporating these into my life, and being able to combine and share what I love is an amazing opportunity," said Anders.

The position as a Sustainability Intern entails "creating a culture of sustainability among athletes, staff, and fans of Bronco sports." In doing this, Anders helps to display the progress the Bronco Athletic Department is making to become more eco-friendly. 

"I want the athletic department to be proud of what we do, so that if student-athletes or Malley users have a great idea, they have somewhere to go to get things done," said Anders, noting that Malley's cardio machines – not including treadmills – run on self-generated electricity.

"Megan's efforts fit so nicely into the University's new Mission Statement with its emphasis on sustainability," said Bronco Athletic Director Dan Coonan.  "We love her passion and enthusiasm for this project.  She is well-cast in this role." 

Anders is currently creating a poster that will apply to student-athletes by highlighting tips that focus on food, water, energy and waste. Endorsing the need to eat healthily, Anders promotes that students take advantage of the local farmers markets on Saturday in San Jose and Santa Clara and on Sunday in Campbell and Los Gatos. By ensuring that the food is fresh, organic, and requires little packaging and transportation, the farmers market helps contribute to a green-friendly environment.

"I want our student-athletes to be known around the school, and around the area, as people who participate," said Anders. "We pride ourselves in helping others, choosing to act more wisely in our decisions concerning the environment, and we are economically savvy."

Although her office hours max out at 10 a week, she continues to keep her job in mind throughout the rest of her schedule.

"I try and notice the things around me more in the gym and with my team, as well as all other aspects of the athlete life style," said Anders.

It is this mindset that drives progress.

"We are looking for direct ways to change what we do and how we do it," said Anders. "We are researching the biggest way we can make an impact with the resources we have and what is able to be changed at the moment."  

Most of all, Anders wants everyone on campus to have a chance to be involved.

"I want people to feel supported in their movements and ideas." 

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