Volleyball Falls 3-1 to No. 19 Pepperdine

Volleyball Falls 3-1 to No. 19 Pepperdine

Winning the first set wasn't enough as Santa Clara fell 3-1 to No. 19 Pepperdine Thursday night in the Leavey Center.  Santa Clara is 7-10 and 2-4 in the WCC.  Pepperdine is 12-5 and 6-0 in the WCC.  Set scores were 23-25, 25-16, 25-16 and 25-7.  Pepperdine is the only team in the West Coast Conference to start 6-0.

Santa Clara plays at Saint Mary's on Sat., Oct. 15 at 7 pm.  The Broncos return home to host LMU on Thurs., Oct. 20 at 6 pm and then USF on Sat., Oct. 22 at 1 pm.

Santa Clara hit .078 with 40 kills (30e, 129att.).  The Broncos collected 50 digs, 40 assists, 4.5 team blocks, one ace and seven service errors.  Pepperdine hit .336 with 55 kills (13e, 125 att.).  The Waves collected 48 digs, 51 assists, 18 team blocks, three aces and eight service errors. 

Individually for the Broncos Katherine Douglas led the Broncos with 12 kills and 10 digs.  Tanya Schmidt had six kills, hitting .111.  Dana Knudsen had eight kills, hitting .200.  Taylor Milton collected 10 digs and four kills.  Bridget O'Hara had a match-high 13 digs.  Alyssa Anderson had 21 assists to Alexandra Palmer's own 14.  Palmer added seven digs. 

Pepperdine was led by Lilla Frederick's 19 kills, hitting .567.  Kim Hill had 11 kills, hitting .273.  Samantha Cash scored nine kills, hitting .533.  Kellie Woolever, Frederick and Stevi Robinson all had 10 digs each.  Woolever had 43 assists.  Victoria Adelhelm had 10 block assists and Cash had six block assists and a block solo.

Santa Clara won set one 25-23.  Schmidt started the set with a kill to the back and Pepperdine followed with two hitting errors.  Milton's cross court kill made it 5-2.  Two Bronco errors were followed by a kill by Cash to tie it up 5-5.  Frederick crushed the ball in the back row to give Pep a one-point lead.  Schmidt's kill tied it up 6-6.  The Waves scored three straight before Knudsen's kill gave the Broncos the sideout down 9-7.  Santa Clara scored three of the next five points to make it 11-10 Waves.  Frederick's kill off the block was followed by one by Douglas off the Pep block, 12-11 Pep.  The team's traded points three times, 15-14, Pep.  Kayla Lommori's kill cross court tied it up 15-15.  A triple block with Knudsen, Kaleigh Durket and Lommori gave the Broncos a one-point lead, 16-15.  Timeout Pepperdine.  After a Bronco service error, Knudsen's kill was followed by one by the Waves to tie it up again, 17-17.  A Pep service error was followed by an Anderson ace, 19-17 Broncos.  Schmidt's kill made it 20-18.  Three straight kills by Douglas, Milton and Lommori made it 23-19 Broncos.  Timeout Pepperdine.  A team block by Milton and Schmidt made it 24-19 Broncos before Pep scored two straight kills, 24-21 SCU.  Timeout Broncos.  Two more Pepperdine points and SCU whistled for time again.  Pep hit it way out to give the Broncos set one 25-23.  Santa Clara hit .235 with 14 kills (6e, 34att.). Pepperdine hit .175 with 13 kills (6e, 40att.).   Schmidt led the Broncos with three kills and Frederick scored six for the Waves.

Pepperdine won set two 25-16.   Pep won the first point of set two and Knudsen answered.  Two kills by Pep were followed by a service error, 3-2 Pep.  The teams traded points.  Douglas' kill split the block to tie it up 4-4.  The Waves scored three straight points before Douglas and Schmidt teamed up for a block.  A Pep kill followed a Milton kill, 8-6 Pep.  Sandwiched between two Bronco timeouts the Waves went on an 12-2 run.  The Waves knocked the ball out of bounds for a Bronco sideout at 20-9.  Pep scored two of the next three points with the Broncos coming off a kill from Knudsen.  Douglas scored a point off a Pep block, 22-11 Pep.  A team block by Douglas and Schmidt made it 22-12.  Megan Anders flew in to crush the ball for a kill, 24-14 Pep.  Two straight Pep errors made it 24-16, but a Bronco service error gave the Waves a 25-16 set two win.  Santa Clara hit .000 with 9 kills (9e, 33 att.). Pepperdine hit .333 with 15 kills (5e, 30 att.).

Pepperdine won set three 25-16.  Pepperdine scored four straight points to start set three before serving it out of bounds.  Santa Clara's own service error was followed by a back row kill by Douglas, 5-2 Pep.  A Pep team block made it 6-2.  Douglas wacked the ball off the Pep team block for a kill.  An error by both teams was followed by another Douglas kill off the block, 7-5 Pep.  The teams traded points again, 9-6 Pep.  Pep scored two of the next three with a Douglas kill laced in, 11-7 Pep.  Frederick scored two kills as did Knudsen, 13-9 Pep.  The teams traded points.  Pep rallied to go up 17-11 before Santa Clara called for time.  A kill by Douglas and one by Schmidt made it 18-13 Broncos.  A Messing kill and one by Anders made it 19-14 Pep.  Pep scored four straight points to take a 23-14 lead.  SCU scored two, but a tip and team block gave the Waves set three 25-16.  Santa Clara hit .400 with 13 kills (1e, 30 att.). Pepperdine hit .143 with 13 kills (8e, 35 att.).

Pepperdine won set four 25-7.  The Waves started the fourth set fast, scoring five of the first six points and then SCU called for timeout down 5-1.  Out of the timeout the teams traded points.  Pep scored to go up 8-2 on Bronco errors.  Schmidt's tip to the back row gave SCU the sideout, 8-3 Pep.  Pep scored two more before Knudsen's kill quieted things down.  A Bronco service error followed one by Pep.  Down 15-5, SCU whistled for time.  Pep scored three out of the timeout.  Pep went up 19-6 on another kill.  Douglas' kill off the block made it 20-7 Pep.  Milton served it out.  Santa Clara hit -.111 with four kills (7e, 27 att.). Pepperdine hit .520 with 14 kills (1e, 25 att.).

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