Volleyball Falls 3-2 vs. No. 16 San Diego

Volleyball Falls 3-2 vs. No. 16 San Diego

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Playing its third straight fifth-set match, Santa Clara was topped 3-2 by No. 16 San Diego Saturday afternoon at the Leavey Center.  Set scores were 22-25, 22-25, 25-23, 25-18 and 15-11.  Santa Clara is 5-7 and 0-1 in the WCC, while San Diego moves to 14-1 and 1-1 in the WCC after falling in straight sets at USF on Sept. 22.

The Broncos travel to Portland (Sept. 29), Gonzaga (Oct. 1), BYU (Oct. 6) and USF (Oct. 8) before returning home to host four of the next five matches with Pepperdine starting the streak at 6 pm on Thurs., Oct. 13. 

"Even though we missed a lot of serves in the first and second set, we played consistent.  USD made a couple errors at the end of those first two games and we were able to win big points.  At the break (after the second set), we made some minor adjustments, but I liked our energy in the third set.  We were tied throughout the third set, but San Diego made the plays at the end of the set.  The fourth set - they are ranked No. 16 in the country - USD was able to get into a rthymn with their offense and stay on track," said Bronco head coach Jon Wallace.  "I am proud of our effort.  We know a five-set match is a long battle and we have to hold onto our energy.  I thought we passed well throughout but we have to reset mentally and emotionally after they score."

Santa Clara hit .177 with 57 kills (29 e, 158 att.).  The Broncos collected 51 assists, 60 digs, eight team blocks and three service aces (9 errors).  Santa Clara is now 2-1 in five-set matches this year.  San Diego hit .228 with 64 kills (28 e, 158 att.).  The Toreros collected 61 assists, 67 digs, 17 team blocks and five service aces (11 errors).

Individually Katherine Douglas led the Broncos with 13 kills and 12 digs, but hit .128 with eight errors.  Tanya Schmidt had 12 kills (5e, 34 att.), hitting .206.  Dana Knudsen had 12 kills, hitting .474 (3 e, 19 att.).  Kaleigh Durket had nine kills, hitting .286 (3e, 21 att.).  Alyssa Anderson had 27 assists and six digs.  Alexandra Palmer had 20 assists, two digs and three aces.  Taylor Milton led the Broncos with 13 digs and Katy Schatzman added 10.

USD had four hitters score double-digit kills, including Katie Hoekman who knocked down a match-high 16 kills, hitting .483 (2 e, 29 att.).  Sandra Lozic added 14 with eight errors, Chloe Ferrari had 12 and Amber Tatsch collected 13.  Carrie Baird led USD with 14 digs and Rachel Alvey had 37 assists, with Jianna Bonomi adding 19.  Libero Kandiss Anderson collected a match-high 18 digs.

Santa Clara won the first set 25-22.  Durket's kill was matched by one by USD.  Schmidt's stuff block followed her kill.  Durket flew in from the back row for a kill followed a USD error and then another Schmidt kill to make it 6-2.  USD scored three of the next five, but Knudsen's first kill of the day make it 9-5. USD scored two straight before Baird wacked it way out, 10-7 Broncos.  A Baird service ace followed a Schmidt kill to the back row.  The teams tied it up four times before USD took a two-point lead on a Baird kill.  Timeout Santa Clara.  Knudsen crushed the ball in the middle and Douglas knocked a kill to the back-row to tie it up 16-16.  Douglas and Knudsen team block and a Douglas kill made it 18-17 SCU.  USD scored three straight before a service error, 20-19 Toreros.  A Bronco team block by Schmidt and Milton made it 21-20 SCU. Timeout USD.   A Douglas kill off the block followed a team block by Milton and Schmidt, 23-20 Broncos. Timeout USD.   USD scored two straight when SCU whistled for time.  Douglas' kill down the line made it 24-22.  Schmidt's kill of the block gave the Broncos the first set, 25-22.  Santa Clara hit .297 with 15 kills (4e, 37att.). San Diego hit .125 with 11 kills (7e, 32att.).  Schmidt grabbed five kills to Douglas' four. Tatsch collected five for USD and Hoekman four.   

Santa Clara won set two 25-22.  Tied twice, USD took a 4-2 lead before Schmidt smashed the ball off the block to sideout.  Two Palmer aces followed a USD error and a block solo by Knudsen, 7-4 Broncos. Timeout USD.  Two USD points followed a kill by Knudsen, 8-6 Broncos.  The teams tied it up eight times in the middle of the set. With USD up 16-15, Wallace called for time. Knudsen's kill tied it up for the ninth time. Santa Clara went up 19-18 on a hitting error by Sanda Lozic.  Milton's kill made it 20-18 Broncos. Timeout San Diego.  USD scored two quick points to tie it up 20-20.  A team block by Schmidt and Milton followed a team block by Schmidt and Lommori.  A kill by USD made it 22-21 Broncos.  Baird's attempt sailed out, 23-21 Broncos.  Tatsch's kill hit pay-dirt, 23-22 SCU.  Knudsen's kill in the front row was followed by a block solo by Lommori.  Santa Clara hit .269 with 13 kills (6e, 26att.). San Diego hit .069 with 10 kills (8e, 29att.).  Milton, Knudsen and Schmidt all had three kills.   The Broncos collected four team blocks.  Lozic had four hitting errors for USD.

USD won set three 25-23.  USD went to a 6-2 line-up to start the third set.  The teams were tied five times in the early going.  Palmer's dump was followed by a stuff block by Knudsen.  Tied up for the sixth time, Knudsen's kill of the block made it 9-8 Broncos.  A Lozic kill followed one by Durket and then another by USD and the two were tied up 10-10 for the eighth time in the set.  Schmidt's kill of an Anderson set followed a Torero point.  Schmidt's kill to the back row gave the Broncos the sideout.  Tastsch cross court kill tied it up again, 12-12.  Knudsen again quieted the USD attack with a kill of the block.  The attack by setter Alvey was wide, but Baird crushed the ball in the Bronco back-row before Lommori's kill gave SCU the sideout, 15-13 Broncos.  Knudsen crushed the ball again off the block, 16-14 Broncos.  Durket's kill off the USD made it 17-14 SCU.  USD scored four of the next five points to tie it up 18-18.  USD collected a team block and then Lozic's hitting error tied it 19-19.  A USD kill and an ace caused Wallace to huddle the team for a quick timeout.  An attack error by USD was coupled with a stuff block by Knudsen and the match was tied 21-21.  Ferrari's kill off the block and another by Tatsh made it 23-21 USD. Timeout Santa Clara.  After a Bronco attack error, a USD service error and an attack error on Lozic made it 24-23 USD.  A USD kill gave the Toreros the third set 25-23.  Santa Clara hit .312 with 15 kills (5e, 32att.). San Diego hit .394 with 18 kills (5e, 33att.).  Knudsen had five kills for SCU and Lozic had six kills for USD.

USD won set four 25-18.  USD started it on a 3-0 run. Kills by Durket and Douglas quieted the rally.  After a couple USD points SCU scored two of the next three, 5-4 USD.  Lommori and Schmidt collected kills between a USD point to tie it up 6-6.  USD scored two straight before USD served it out.  A team block by Knudsen and Durket tied it 8-8.  Trading points twice, USD then scored three straight, 13-10.  Timeout Broncos. Two of the next three points were Douglas kills, 14-12 USD. USD scored seven straight points before an attack error gave the Broncos a side error. Another USD attack error followed an ace by Palmer, 21-15 USD.  The teams traded points, 23-16 USD.  SCU scored two of the next three, including a Knudsen kill.  A Bronco attack error gave USD the set, 25-18.  Santa Clara hit -.021 with 8 kills (9e, 47att.). San Diego hit .262 with 16 kills (5e, 42att.). 

USD won set five 15-11.  The teams tied it up four times early. Douglas' kill down the line followed a USD hitting error, 5-4 Broncos.  The back-slide kill by USD resulted in a point, but Durket's own kill gave SCU a 6-5 lead. A Torero team block tied it up 6-6.  USD scored three straight. Timeout Santa Clara.  The teams traded points but the Bronco attack sailed wide, 11-7 USD.  Milton's kill off the block followed another by Hoekman, 12-8 USD.  After another USD kill, SCU whistled for time, down 13-8.  Baird was whistled for double-contact and then scored on a kill, 14-9 USD.  Douglas' kill gave SCU the sideout before Ferrari was whistled for being in the net.  Tatsch's cross court kill gave USD won the set 15-11, winning the match.  Santa Clara hit .062 with 6 kills (5e, 16att.). San Diego hit .273 with 9 kills (3e, 22att.).

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