Alyssa Anderson Returns to Home State

Alyssa Anderson Returns to Home State
Sophomore Alyssa Anderson transferred to Santa Clara last spring after an impressive freshman volleyball season at Villanova University. A native of Hermosa Beach, Calif. the 5'10 setter led the Wildcats in assists and was third in digs as the team finished with a 23-7 overall record. With her first official matches as a Bronco in the books, talked with Anderson about joining the Santa Clara community, her success as a freshman and her goals for the season.

By: Vince Menon

SCB: How has the transition been so far? Have your new teammates and coaches helped you feel at home?

AA: I was fortunate enough to be able to transfer in the spring. It was a great opportunity to get on campus and become familiar with the volleyball program and their offense as well as getting to know my way around campus. My coaches and teammates have been very supportive and I feel I was able to fit right in with the team both off and on the court.

SCB: After deciding to transfer, why did you choose Santa Clara?

AA: I chose Santa Clara for two reasons. As much as I love volleyball I also wanted to get a great education. Santa Clara has a a strong academic reputation. Santa Clara also was a team I could continue to play at a high level while being back in my home state of California.

SCB: As a freshman at Villanova you adapted quickly to collegiate play and received Big East Conference Second-Team honors. What did you think of your first year?

AA: I enjoyed every minute on the court at Villanova! The players and coaches made my first year an incredible experience. Not only was I able to compete with volleyball I made amazing friends and teammates. I wanted the opportunity to play closer to home and so I choose to transfer back to California.

SCB: You led the Wildcats with an exceptional 10.7 assists per game. What would you say is the key to being a successful setter?

AA: I was able to lead the Wildcats because of the trust we all had in the system. It was truely a team effort that was responsible for our success.

SCB: Looking ahead, what would you consider a successful 2011 season? How are you going to achieve this?

AA: I think every player's goal is to be able to make it as far as possible in the NCAA. I think with hard work Santa Clara has that potential. I know all the players on the team have this in mind as we hit the practice court each day. I know if each of us gives are best day in and day out we can achieve this. I think individual statistics aren't as relevant as the ultimate goal winning. I will do my best to contribute to our future sucess this year.

SCB: What have you enjoyed most about your time on the Mission Campus?

AA: I love SCU because of the close ties all the students have. You can walk or bike everywhere from the market to the gym and over to the off campus housing and always run into somebody you know.

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