Standout Williamson Looks Forward to Conference Games

Standout Williamson Looks Forward to Conference Games

Written by Student Assistant Chelsea Flintoft '14

A huge Southern California standout in high school and No. 2 on the team with 2.94 digs per game, Lexi Williamson (LW), has been key to the Broncos early success. The sophomore from Carlsbad, Calif. sat down with (SCU) to discuss the 2010 season, her importance as an outside hitter and Coach Jon Wallace.

SCU: Coming from Southern California where women's volleyball is a very competitive sport, what makes you different from the rest of the competition?

LW: I am extremely honored to be a Bronco and am humbled by the coaching staff for them giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Bronco Family.  I hope to exceed their expectations they have for me as a volleyball player and a person.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and am enjoying every moment as a Bronco!

SCU: As an outside hitter, what do you focus on most during practices to improve your game?

LW: As an outside hitter, there is a lot to focus on during practices.  It is very common for most people to think that an outside hitter's most important job is to hit due to the name of the position.  We actually do every skill set in a match, passing, digging, blocking, and ultimately scoring with a kill; and because of this we have a lot to focus on.  During practices, I focus on every contact I make and staying calm during every play.

SCU: What opponent are you most looking forward to playing during the 2010 season and why?

LW: I am most looking forward to playing Saint Mary's. There is a long-running traditional rivalry between the Broncos and this team. My class has yet to experience beating Saint Mary's. During pre-season, I was looking forward to playing Notre Dame on its home court.  We played really well and won the match in three games and it was a great experience.

SCU: What is your favorite part about being a member of the Santa Clara volleyball team?

LW: Being part of the Santa Clara volleyball team is such an honor. Our whole team is very close with one another and because of this we have a great support system, which is my favorite part about this team. I trust each one of my teammates and coaches and know that they support me in every way possible, which is a great thing to have.

SCU: How has this season compared to your first season so far?

LW: This season I have a stronger understanding of how our system works.  I feel more comfortable on the court because I know what is expected of myself and of my teammates.  Our team has great leadership this year from our captains, Emily Burke and Bridget O'Hara.  Having these strong leaders this year makes a big difference on and off the court.

SCU: Coach Jon Wallace has been coaching at Santa Clara for 12 seasons. How has he helped you overall as a college player?

LW: Jon has taught me so much over the past year and I know he has much more to teach me.  He has taught me how to play the mental game of volleyball. High school volleyball and club volleyball depended on natural mental toughness, and now Jon is teaching me how to play with this mental toughness at all times.   Jon stresses the importance of keeping the same level of focus and concentration at all times and staying mentally disciplined and tough.  These are tools I need to become a better volleyball player.

SCU: What are your goals for the 2010 season?

LW: My goals for the 2010 season are to improve my blocking awareness and recognition, to get my shoulder speed back to 100%, stay calm at all times during the match and win the West Coast Conference championship! 

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