Kayla Lommori Gets Set for Sophomore Season

Kayla Lommori Gets Set for Sophomore Season

By: Student Assistant Stephen Hobbs '11

Sophomore Kayla Lommori (KL) provided a much-needed spark as an outside hitter for the Bronco volleyball in her rookie campaign. Lommori’s competitive drive and athletic ability help her excel on and off the court. Although volleyball is the only sport that she plays at Santa Clara, in a perfect world, Lommori could be a three-sport star on the Mission Campus. 

SantaClaraBroncos.com took the opportunity to get to know more about the second year hitter from Yerington, Nevada.  

SCU: You are only the second Division 1 athlete to come from Yerington, Nevada, the first being your father Scott.  How was the adjustment going from a small high school to college?
Surprisingly, the adjustment was somewhat easy. The transition was smooth because of the way my teammates and coaches supported me and made me feel comfortable. Also, the campus community quickly began to feel like home.

SCU: How influential were your parents in helping you become an outstanding athlete?
My parents have always been there for me, and I believe that I wouldn't be here without them. Both of them are constantly pushing me to work hard and have taught me many lessons.

SCU: You were a seven time state champion in Nevada (once in basketball and three times each in volleyball and track), but do you have another sport that you wish you played?
I wish that I could have had the opportunity to be on the swimming team at my high school. I swam during the summer, but it wasn't that competitive.  

SCU: What part of your game would you like to improve on for next season?
My goal is to improve on my passing and defense so that I can play all the way around.

SCU: What did you feel that you did well last season?
I felt that I learned a lot and made progress in understanding the game better.

SCU: What will you miss most about the senior class that graduated?
Lindsy Davigeadono and Kim Courtney were so fun to be around. Lindsy was always there for me starting with my first recruiting visit.  Kim always made me laugh and got a kick out of making fun of me!

SCU: Which teammate do you like to model your game after if any?
I admire Emily Burke's competitiveness and her drive. She makes me feel comfortable on the court and also has a way of pushing me to do better.

SCU: What can Bronco fans look forward from you next season?
They can expect me to come out in every game pumped up and ready to compete.

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