Doherty sisters continue the athletic tradition

Feb. 10, 2010

Can you explain your family's athletic legacy at Santa Clara?

Morgan: My mother played soccer here when it was just a club sport. I think it became an NCAA sport either the year after she graduated or a few years later. My father played football here for one year as well as soccer. My older sister Kendall played soccer here. My younger sister Cailin currently plays soccer for SCU. I chose to break the mold of the soccer tradition and play volleyball.

Cailin: My family's legacy has been one of commitment, dedication and passion starting with my parents playing sports here at SCU and encouraging us to follow our dreams.

Just how competitive are the Dohertys? Any heated family games growing up?

Morgan: Very competitive. Growing up playing many different sports, we hated losing to one another. Whether it was shooting hoops in the front yard or simply kicking the soccer ball around, we each refused to lose to our other siblings. Needless to say, card games got pretty heated over the years!

Cailin: We are extremely competitive not only in sports but in many life situations. Family bets and games are always a sticky situation and many outside viewers do not understand the extent of our competitiveness. But in the end, it is all out of love.

How do you support each other during season since you are both on campus?

Morgan: My parents have not only been my siblings' and my biggest supporters, but they have also made it an important tradition in our family to attend each other's sporting events. Growing up, we all went to each other's games and at times it did get boring or somewhat routine. However, when it came your turn to play--it was always nice being able to look over and see your family cheering you on, especially your siblings. So it has simply carried on over the years. We started out being dragged along by my parents but now it has become a personal choice to be there and support one another.

Cailin: My siblings and I have always been taught to support one another no matter what. We grew up always attending each others sporting events and cheering one another on. Now that I go to school with Morgan, I go to all her volleyball matches willingly, and she graciously attends my soccer games.

Who is the most athletic Doherty?

Morgan: Tough question to ask such a competitive family. I would have to say I am because I'm not willing to relinquish that title to my brother or sisters. However, I would say the credit definitely goes to my mom and dad for starting such a wonderful tradition not only here at Santa Clara, but also their early encouragement with our participation in sports.

Cailin: The most athletic Doherty would have to be me because I'm too competitive to give that compliment to anyone else.

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