Postgame Quotes: Santa Clara 2, UC Santa Barbara 3

Sept. 15, 2007

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Head Coach Jon Wallace, on the change in tempo between games one and two:
"I believe our team felt as though they should have won the first game, so they came out with a high sense of determination in the second game. We had a great start to both the second and third games because of that."

On the change in momentum at the end of game four and in game five:
"We started as the aggressors and then all of a sudden UCSB got back into the game. The same thing happened in game four. Our serve receive broke down and Santa Barbara just made some pretty nice plays."

On Brittany Lowe's performance:
"She played her game tonight. She's a hard hitter and she's hard to defend."

On bringing Nina Sevastopoulos into the match:
"Nina we brought in early in game three. She's a good high line hitter and her match-up was against the setter, which was perfect. She got some good points tonight."

On the Broncos' back line:
"Taylor and Michelle really helped to steady out our back line. They did nice jobs in the roles they were given tonight."

On tomorrow's match against Notre Dame:
"It is going to be a battle of wills tomorrow. Both us and Notre Dame have lost in five today, and loss last night. Whoever wants it more is going to be the victor. We are going to have to stay strong willed in order to compete."

Junior outside hitter Brittany Lowe, on her match-high kills performance:
"It had a lot to do with the setting and passing. Crystal knows exactly where to put the ball for me."

On her career-high eight assists:
"When I saw that I would have the opportunity to set tonight, I thought to myself `Yes, I get to set.' I really love setting."

On the match:
"Everything really flowed well tonight. Even though we lost, it felt good out on the court. We played well and it makes me excited for the games to come."

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