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Nov. 4, 2006

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Head Coach Jon Wallace

On the match:
"What we take from this weekend is that we are learning how to battle, and we're going to use these battles to catapult us into becoming better and finding a consistency for the rest of the season."

On the leadership of Cmaylo and Walters:
"Today's victory was exciting again, and was mostly due to the efforts of Anna Cmaylo and Caroline Walters. Anna's dominant hitting, her great net play, and her leadership out there really sparked our offense, and Caroline was really steady for us in the back row, and she provided the fire that got the girls to start believing in themselves after falling behind 0-2."

Middle blocker Anna Cmaylo:

On the victory
"It felt so amazing, because our team is so up-and-down at times, and coming off getting swept against Pepperdine, it makes me so proud and surprises all of us because it feels great."

On coming back from an 0-2 hole for the second time in two weeks: "To be in this situation for the second time in two weeks, we were in the locker room during the break looking around at each othher like `what are we doing.' To come back and win it just feels good."

"After winning matches like this, it gives us a total feeling of reassurance, it reminds us that we are a good team, we are a team that was in the Final Four. It gives us a lot of confidence."

On her performance:
"Lindsy did an awesome job today, its so easy to hit well when the sets are great. Crystal and Lindsy set great for me today. Their awesome setting had a lot to do with

"Sometimes this team talks about things too much, but Caroline just said `No more talking, it doesn't matter, say what you have to say with how you play.'"

We can talk about something all we want and we may not do it and today it just came down to us executing."

Libero Caroline Walters:

On the victory and helping lead the team to the comeback:
"It was pretty unbelievable. We think back to the previous two matches, and we believed that we could comeback. I told the team to just go out there and show each other why we want to win this match. No more talking."

On the team coming back from an 0-2 deficit for the third time this season:
"It's pretty hard because when you go down 0-2, you try to keep your composure but you have to stay calm and get the team to believe. It's the big picture that counts, you just have to keep in mind that it is who wins three games first that wins the match, whether it takes three games or five.

On the importance of the win and gaining a split for the weekend:

"Today's win was huge for us because we still don't know exactly what our fate will be in making the NCAA Tournament, and winning these matches gives us so much confidence in terms of making the postseason. Also, knowing that we can win these types of close, gut-check matches gets us excited to go into the Tournament because we know what we're capable of."

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