Post Game Quotes From the Santa Clara-Nebraska Match

Dec. 15, 2005

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Head coach Jon Wallace

On the overall experience, Nebraska and his players:
"For the last two weeks I have opened every press conference with `Wow', so I will open this one with a `Wow' in many ways. For our team this was a great atmosphere to play in with a great venue and great arena. The moment and the spotlight is something they will remember forever. We just a moment in our team room where everyone that is returning showed an appetite for more and as a coach that is what you want. Wow, in that Nebraska hit almost perfect and the whole team is just amazing to me. They looked focused and confident and on top to take care of business on Saturday night. I want to praise my players for getting out there and playing tough and with heart. I don't think we had our best night, but they wanted it and where trying as hard as they could and I am proud of them for that."

On if Nebraska is one of the better teams ever in the sport:
"That is tough call without really seeing them get tested. I think great teams can get punched in the face a few times and then find a way to come back and win, kind of like we did against Arizona. I can't give it up that they are one of the better teams I have ever seen because they have not really been tested, but then again if no one is going to test them then maybe they are. By the way they played tonight, you could see that definite want this and seemed prepared."

On what he predicts for the match up between Washington's hitters and Nebraska's blockers:
"It will be a great, great match up. I believe that the Washington hitters are very experienced and I am sure their coach has been preparing on how to attack this block for over a week and I think they will be fine. I really think that Washington will step up and challenge Nebraska all night. I am looking forward to seeing a fun match to watch. I think that the hitters will be fine, although Nebraska is going to challenge them and get them at times too.

On this seasons ride
"Wow! No really it has been absolutely amazing. I had an interview before our first match in the tournament and the reporter asked if I thought we would get past the first round, and here we are. We coach our girls how to win and they bought into it and set two goals for the season, one was to win conference and two, get to the Final Four. It takes an amazing group to accomplish that and just for me sitting back an watching, it has been amazing."

On his strategy against Nebraska's blocking...
"I tell you what I was really surprised that Nebraska did better then any team we have played, serve. They made us feel very uncomfortable in our serve receive and that is our whole offensive rhythm. Their serving team was extremely tough, so we were never really in a rhythm. We believe in our offense and our hitters so you have to go into a match against them thinking they will block you every time. You have to trust in what you have done all year and believe in it and be more aggressive with it then they are with their block. Unfortunately, they took us out of our rhythm and so our hitters could not get comfortable. Our hitters were hitting from six feet off the net instead of where they were used to and when you but that with a powerful block, you run into trouble because you can't set up to hit over or around it. I would say that their serving game made their block even bigger."

On if the Washington back row attack will be key in their match against Nebraska...
"Without a doubt. Both teams are on a very high level. So the more Washington is able to spread the net, they will be able to put pressure on Nebraska. I think it will come down to individual match ups. I do think that Washington has a good back court defense. I think they will both give each other problems all night long."

Kim McGiven, junior outside hitter

On facing Nebraska's blocking:
"Hitting against a block like that is challenging. As an attacker, it is always difficult to be blocked, but our team has a mentality that when you get blocked you are going to come back and swing harder. I think that their blocking is one of the strengths of the team ad they do a great job with it. It puts hitters in a difficult position and challenges you as an attacker."

Cassie Perret, senior opposte

On facing Nebraska's blocking:
"We game into the match knowing that they were a really great blocking team and as an attacker you want to do your best to not let it bother you. I thought that we did a really great job of not letting it bother us mentally, but they are a really great blocking team. They have the height, the athleticism and they proved that tonight."

Crystal Matich

On being within a point at times and what was needed to be effective in those situations:
"We came out knowing that they were a strong team, so mentally we had to be stronger and have more heart. In the end it turned out that we did not have enough as we did in the past. This match was different then other matches we have played, but I am really proud of my team and how far we have come this season. Nebraska worked really hard this match and played really well, but that does not take away from how proud I am of my team and how far we have come and what we have accomplished. I am not looking back, only forward. I am only a sophomore and next year I will be looking for the Final Four again."

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