Championship Diary

Championship Diary

Dec. 14, 2005

The Santa Clara University volleyball team has advanced to the program's first-ever NCAA semifinal appearance this season. The Broncos will play top-seeded Nebraska Thursday, Dec. 15 at 6 p.m. (Pacific) in San Antonio, Texas' Alamodome. The match will be televised live on ESPNU.

Each day during Santa Clara's magical trip to the Lone Star State, a Bronco player will offer their insight into the team's activities and experiences.

Today, senior Rachel Greenberg talks about SCU's final practice in the Leavey Center, the sendoff from campus and arriving in San Antonio.

Day 1 - The Broncos Travel to San Antonio

"Excitement, giggles and laughter sing through the air as we met for our final team practice at 8:30 a.m. in our beloved Leavey Center. We joked about the absurd amount of clothing that we all brought for the trip and the shopping that we all rushed to do late Monday night!

Practice only lasted an hour then we had a quick turnaround to be ready to leave by 10 a.m. I was running a little behind and scurried to the elevator with Cassie (Perret). We came to the steps in the front of Leavey where we've met as a team prior to every road trip over the last four seasons. Only, this time we were greeted by a throng of supporters from the Bronco community and several media people. Jon (Wallace) spoke and the crowd cheered, not only for our departure to the NCAA semifinals, but also for our three recently-named All-Americans - Cassie, Crystal (Matich) and Anna (Cmaylo).

We piled into the fleet of familiar mini-vans and off we went to the San Jose International Airport.

Besides a snappy flight attendant hissing about a tray table that was down in the exit row and threatening a $10,000 fine and demanding to speak to the head coach, the flight was easy.

Although our flight was 20 minutes early (arriving in San Antonio), we spent about 45 minutes waiting for our coaches to return with the rented mini-vans, while we inhaled cigarette smoke from just about every Texan that walked by.

We pulled into our lovely new home for the next week - the Hyatt Hotel - and were greeted by a welcoming committee bearing bags full of goodies for each of us. We settled into our rooms and got ready for a fancy dinner on the Riverwalk. Dinner was awesome.

Dinner was followed by a stroll down the Riverwalk, which was festively lit by thousands of twinkling Christmas lights. We moseyed back to the hotel to unpack and rest up for a week full of events!

P.S. Thanks to Kim McGiven for helping me write this!"

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