Postgame Quotes from the Santa Clara-Stanford Match

Dec. 3, 2005

Recap |  Box Score

Santa Clara Head Coach Jon Wallace:

Opening statement:
"My statement is `wow'. That was awesome. The big picture: it's the first time in school history we beat Stanford. It's the first time in school history we've ever been in the Round of 16. That's `wow'. That's awesome. On a smaller note, I'm so proud of this group of girls. They did exactly what we told them to do, mentally speaking more than physically. They were tough. They wanted to win and it showed on the court. We were down 6-1 in game four and not a single girl on our team looked like we were going to lose. We fought back. We made plays. I couldn't be prouder. We've evolved into a nice team, a really nice team. Tonight we put it together."

On next weekend:
"We're going to be ready. This team's hungry. They'll be ready next weekend. Our confidence is only getting higher. You never know win or loss but I'll guarantee you a strong, strong effort next weekend and a brand of volleyball that all of you will love to watch and teamwork that you're going to love to watch. I guarantee, we'll be out there and we'll be ready to play. We're very, very hungry."

Senior Cassie Perret:

On falling behind early on in the match:
"The first game we were a little shaky but I think in the second game we really picked it up. We were just riding that momentum. We were confident and really determined and focused. We left the locker room feeling focused and confident and determined and we just executed. We didn't let any setbacks get to us. We didn't let the first game loss get to us. We just rode our second game win and went with it."

On the season as a whole:
"We've worked so hard. Every year we've worked hard and it's unfortunate that we haven't broken the first round in the past three years that I've been here. I am so proud of this team and I absolutely think we deserve it. This whole year we've worked so hard on our goals and we're doing a great job of executing them."

Stanford Head Coach John Dunning:

Opening statement:
"I'd like to congratulate Santa Clara. I think they played really well. I'm proud of my team. They've been through a lot. We really had a good effort. I don't think we played our best but sometimes that's what other teams do to you. It's tough when your season ends. I'm happy for Santa Clara. I think they did a great job."

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