Twin Killing

Twin Killing

Nov. 8, 2001

By Philip Keck
The Santa Clara

A theory proposed to explain the large amounts of energy in children compared with relatively low levels in adults is that everyone is given the same amount of energy at birth.

As everyone grows, that energy becomes stretched throughout the increasing mass of the body and begins to thin out, making the person less vigorous.

Of course, some people never grow out of their childhood frames, remaining as almost pure energy throughout their whole life.

Enter the world of the Hirsch twins, juniors Chrissy and Cindy, two Bronco volleyball players who each stand at 5' 7".

With their large amount of energy fueling their "munchkin" (a nickname playfully assigned to them by their teammates ) frames, they are seen as always having an abundant supply of extra pep, which is graciously contagious to those around them.

"Both girls are extremely energetic," sophomore teammate Becky Potter said. "No matter how the team chemistry is at any point during [any] game, they always add more fire and pump people up."

Senior outside hitter Jami Bari adds, "The energy that they bring onto the court just amazes me. They both play with such high, positive energy that not having them on the court would be a mistake."

Though it's a mistake now to even take them out, the Hirsch twins almost ended up not playing at all.

"We didn't start playing volleyball until we were sophomores, which is really late for volleyball," Cindy said. "We were always into sports, but we had the volleyball coach at [Saint Francis High School] as our teacher and he talked us into trying out for the team."

At first, the twins felt an apprehension about playing volleyball.

"We used to think that volleyball was a wimpy sport so we never played it," Chrissy said. "We were big into basketball and softball. But once we started playing volleyball, we instantly fell in love."

Though they did not start off as the greatest volleyball players, the Hirsch twins improved enough by their senior year that they helped lead Saint Francis to the California State Championships, which they ended up winning.

"It was very exciting," Cindy said.

Not only are the Hirsch twins enthusiastic about playing volleyball, they are also energetic in helping to lead the team both on and off the court.

"They have a tremendous work ethic," sophomore Becky Biniek said. "[They] add a lot of character to the team."

An example of their character, intensity and constant high energy is displayed when Potter visited Santa Clara during her recruiting trip here.

"I expected to have a relaxing Saturday morning before attending their game that night. I was more than wrong," Potter said. "They decided to work out that very morning in Malley. Despite the fact that I couldn't keep up with either of them, they were very encouraging. That night, one of the older girls [told me], 'Never work out with the twins. They are maniacs!' Very true."

This whatever-it-takes mind-set does not go unnoticed by the Hirsch twin's teammates or their coaches, and they acknowledge how much of an importance the twins are to the Broncos.

"The twins have helped the team not only with their physical ability but also with their attitudes," Assistant Coach Katy Eldridge said.

"I have never played with anyone so positive," Potter said. "They are incredible leaders. I am so glad I have one more year to play with them."

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