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Oct. 23, 2001

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On the team's season-high 15 service errors on the night
I think it's not so much number, but there were so many key service errors at the wrong time. We have to serve tough and I think we got them into a predicable offense. But I can think of three that cost us the match. Two in game two near 25-26 and 26-25 to give them the confidence to finish game two. We were right there with them and left them off the hook. And in game five we were serving for the match when we sent one wide. Those three are critical.

On coming back after being down 0-2
I put it all back on them to come out and play the way they know they can play, and somehow find a way to win. They needed to trust themselves and their teammates. I didn't have to say much because they knew what they needed to do. They just needed a break to step away and see how they needed to compete.

On Cal
Cal came out and played really hard, making the extra plays. They didn't allow their errors to affect their state of mind. They just kept going and going. Mentally and emotionally, they stayed pretty even through the match. On the other hand, our energy was low, and we allowed Cal to gain some confidence. We started out flat and just got flatter.

On preparing for conference play this weekend
I think this group needs to learn how to win on the road when they're traveling, they need to recognize they're in a different environment and prepare themselves to be in a position to win. At home, we have a great routine, the girls feel confident, and so they know they're going to play strong and aggressive. Just going home will help a great deal.

I think this team has tremendous character, but is very young. With a young team it just takes time but you just have to find ways to be competitive on the road, but the character is there. They showed it when they decided not to fold it up after being down two and giving us a chance to win. I think we'll take positive steps from this match.

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