NCAA Adopts New Rules for 2002 Volleyball Season

Feb. 22, 2002

INDIANAPOLIS - The NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Committee, at its February 18-21 meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., approved several rules changes for the 2002 women's volleyball season including the use of the libero player with 12 substitutions. It will be the first year the NCAA is writing rules for collegiate women's volleyball.

After gathering information from a variety of junior, collegiate and international volleyball coaches and experts, the committee adopted the libero as a designated back-row player who cannot serve, attack or set inside the attack line.

Terry Pettit, chair of the committee, said, "We believe the adoption of the libero will add a new element of excitement to the game, raise the level of play and has the potential to create opportunities for the smaller athlete."

Other important rules changes adopted for 2002 are:

●, The use of the pursuit rule allowing players to retrieve a ball that has crossed the centerline outside the court under certain circumstances.

●, In a deciding game, teams must switch sides at eight points.

●, Expulsion or disqualification of a player results in a loss of rally (point for the opposing team).

●, Net sleeves will be allowed on the top of the net with adequate securing devices.

No change was made in the way individual red cards are issued. Games will still be played to 30 points for games one through four, and to 15 points in the deciding game.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions to help understand the position and its use in play.

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