Women’s Tennis Picks Up One Win In Rain Shortened First Day At Bronco Invitational

Women’s Tennis Picks Up One Win In Rain Shortened First Day At Bronco Invitational
SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Freshman Katya Tabachnik picked up a singles win over Stanford's Paulette Wolak in a rain shortened first day at the Bronco Invitational on Friday.  
The start of the Bronco Invitational was delayed by two hours as the Degheri Tennis Center courts remained damp from the overnight rain.  Once dried, the day's actions began with doubles play between three schools, San José State, Stanford and Santa Clara.
"It was good competition," said Broncos head coach Ben Cabell.  "We played against a lot of the Stanford players who annually compete for the National Championship.  I liked how we got better as the day progressed and learned from our experience." 
In the doubles session, the Broncos were unable to pick up a win with Maddie Pothoff/Madison Clarke losing to Stanford's Caroline Lampl/Melissa Lord, 6-1.  Bronco duo Elvena Gevargiz and Katya Tabachnik fell to Kimi Yee and Paulette Wolak, 6-4, but Tabachnik would get her revenge in singles play later on.  Caitlyn Frankel and Nadine Del Carmen dropped its match, 6-1, to a combined team of Julie Vereecke of SJSU and Taylor Lallas of Stanford.
In singles play, Tabachnik got her payback defeating Wolak in straight sets 6-1, 6-2.  Clarke lost to Lampl, 6-0, 6-2m with Pothoff falling to Stanford's Emma Higuchi, 6-1, 6-3.  
With rain falling in the afternoon, the remaining matches could not be completed.  They will resume at 9 a.m. on Saturday, starting with the singles matches in progress, followed by doubles at 12 noon and back to singles at 2 p.m., weather permitting.  University of San Francisco will be joining the weekend action.  
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ITA W Singles FRI -- Round Robin 1
ST Melissa Lord d. SJ Sybille Gauvain  6-2;6-1
ST Caroline Lampl d. SC Madison Clarke  6-0;6-2
ST Emma Higuchi d. SC Maddie Pothoff  6-1;6-3
ST Janice Shin d. SJ Laura Malsert  6-1;6-2
SJ Jackie Wagner d. ST Naomie Rosenberg  6-1;6-1
SC Katya Tabachnik d. ST Paulette Wolak  6-1;6-2
SJ Clara Mantaux d. ST Taylor Lallas  6-1;6-1
   ITA W Doubles FRI -- Round Robin 1
ST Caroline Lampl - ST Melissa Lord d. SC Maddie Pothoff - SC Madison Clarke  6-1
SJ Miyo Kobayashi - SJ Sybille Gauvain d. ST Emma Higuchi - ST Janice Shin  6-3
SJ Jackie Wagner - SJ Laura Malsert d. SC Delaney Nothaft - SC Zeina El Tawil  6-3
ST Kimi Yee - ST Paulette Wolak d. SC Elvena Gevargiz - SC Katya Tabachnik  6-4
SJ Clara Mantaux - SJ Savannah Sendar d. ST Elizabeth Yao - ST Naomie Rosenberg  6-4
SJ Julie Vereecke - ST Taylor Lallas d. SC Caitlyn Frankel - SC Nadine Del Carmen  6-1
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