Jessica Agra's Wrap Up of Her Time with the Broncos

Jessica Agra
Jessica Agra

By Sara Vierra 15' 

As her time at Santa Clara University comes to an end, Jessica Agra (JA) remains persistent in her play as she helps guide the women's tennis team to the NCAAs. At the beginning of this year, Agra was looking forward to a stellar season and set a goal of reaching better play by improving her overall fitness.Wrapping up with the season, discovered the Agra's season was a "blast" and that she is more than happy with the outcome. 

SCB: Even though it is still wrapping up, how do you feel your senior tennis season went?

JA: This season has been a blast. We have been playing really well as a team. We are back in the rankings right now, and we beat St. Mary's and USD, which we haven't done in the longest time. Hopefully we continue to play well and win our conference so we can play the NCCAs.

SCB: When we last spoke with you in the fall, you set a goal for yourself to improve your game by becoming more fit. Do you feel like you fulfilled this goal?

JA: Definitely. Our fitness coach, Sherman, has helped us a lot with our fitness. Everyone's fitter on court because of his help.

 SCB: What has being a part of the Bronco's tennis program meant to you over the past four years?

JA: Coming here was the best decision I have ever made. Aside from being able to play the sport that I love, I have also met wonderful people who have been my closest friends for the past 4 years. I will forever treasure all the memories and lessons I learned while being a part of this team. 

SCB: Has the fact that you will be graduating in a little more than a month hit you yet?

JA: Sometimes it does hit me and I get really emotional. But lately I have been trying to avoid thinking about it because I am really not ready to say good bye. 

SCB: What are your plans after graduation? Do you plan on returning home to the Philippines?

JA: Yes, I am going back to the Philippines after I graduate. It has always been my plan to go back home. And as hard as it is to say goodbye, I'm pushing through with it. 

SCB: Looking back at your entire experience at SCU, what single word would you use to describe it?

JA: I would say "life changing," but that's two words. So probably, "memorable."