Senior Maggie McGeorge Reflects On SCU Tennis Career

McGeorge 2010
McGeorge 2010

By: Shelby Soltau '16

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – With the West Coast Conference Championships being played this week, senior Maggie McGeorge (MM) is excited about finishing her SCU tennis career on a high note. The women's tennis team went 11-9 overall and 7-1 in conference this year. McGeorge put up a 6-3 record overall in doubles with her partner Kelly Lamble. The two have proved to be very successful together over their four years of playing doubles together. She received back-to-back WCC honorable mentions her freshman and sophomore year for her doubles play with Lamble. had the chance to talk to McGeorge about her overall experience here at Santa Clara University, both on and off the tennis court, and how her injury midway through last season has not broken her spirit.

SCB: How was senior day against Saint Mary's last week?
MM: I can't imagine a better Senior Day! We beat USD on Saturday and then
Saint Mary's on Sunday. It was the best weekend of tennis I have been
a part of during my tennis career at Santa Clara and I will always
remember how awesome it felt to beat both teams. As far as graduating,
I am very sad to leave! I loved everything about playing tennis at
Santa Clara and will miss my teammates and coaches.

SCB: How was the healing process for your injury last season? Have you felt
fully recovered and comfortable this season?
MM: The healing process went relatively well. It took about four to five
months for me to start practicing and when September came around I was
able to play doubles in the fall tournaments. Most days I feel great
but there are sometimes when I start to feel pain. It has definitely
been a rollercoaster ride but I am very grateful that I was able to
play on the team my senior year.

SCB: You have continued doubles play with Kelly Lamble for the fourth
straight year. How has that been going?
MM: Playing doubles with Kelly is second nature to me. We have played
doubles together all four years and understand each other on the
tennis court. This season we have beaten some really talented doubles
teams. My favorite win was against SMU. We won 9 to 7. It was a long,
competitive match but we pulled through in the end!

SCB: How has it been managing your sorority with a Division 1 sport?
MM: Being in a sorority and on the tennis team has given me the
opportunity to meet great people and close friends. Managing it with a
Division 1 sport was no problem. I made sure to devote time to both so
that I was making the most of my time here at Santa Clara.

SCB: You have WCC Championships at San Diego coming up. What do you hope to accomplish?
MM: I want to win conference! We are seeded No. 2 in the tournament and
will most likely play Pepperdine on Friday and if we win we play in
the finals on Saturday. I am so excited about the possible opportunity
of playing in the championship.

SCB: Talk about your overall experience at SCU on and off the court. What
will you miss most?
MM: I am going to miss the tight knit community that Santa Clara offers. I
have met amazing people over the past four years and my tennis team
has been a huge part of why I Iove Santa Clara. I will miss seeing
their beautiful faces everyday as well as this beautiful campus.

SCB: Will you continue to play tennis after you graduate?
MM: Yes, I want to play after I graduate but it will be more recreational
than competitive. I love tennis and hope to play as much as I can in
the future.


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