After Being Abroad for the Fall Quarter, Carolina O’Haren Prepares for the Tennis Season

Carolina O'Haren
Carolina O'Haren

By: Jessica Shusko '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- For the fall quarter, Junior Carolina O'Haren (CO) spent the quarter studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Even though this meant missing the tennis preseason, O'Haren kept up her conditioning and stayed motivated to come back strong for the 2013 season. The Broncos started their season with the Cal Winter Invite, where O'Haren showcased her skills in both doubles and singles.   

The Broncos will host San Jose State on Feb. 9th and Fresno State on Feb. 10th on the Mission Campus at 11:00 am both days. Be sure to come out and support your Broncos!

SCB: You just recently returned from traveling abroad. Did you get a chance to play any tennis and prepare for season while you were gone? 

CO: Living and studying in Spain was a great experience for me. While I was there, I prepared for the season by keeping up my training and conditioning.  I worked out at a gym near my apartment where several of the city's professional soccer players also trained, which gave me motivation.

SCB: Your season starts off this weekend with the Cal Winter Invite. How do you expect to do this weekend, individually and as a team?

CO: I've been on the courts since returning home and feel good about my game. The Cal Invite has tough competition but I expect to be able to compete well. Everyone on the team has been working hard since the fall and is playing well. I feel we can win some big matches this weekend and have an exciting start to the season. 

SCB: What goals have you set for yourself to accomplish this season?

CO: My goal is for the team record to be better and to be ranked higher than last year. Being an athlete at Santa Clara is a great opportunity and I plan to make the most of it, have fun competing and being a part of the team. 

SCB: Being a junior, you are at the halfway point for you timer here on the Mission Campus. As you look back, what has been one of your favorite memories so far?

CO: My favorite memories are mostly from our road trips and overnight trips.  We can all make each other laugh and have a good time even if it is during a six-hour car ride that most would think would be dull. 

SCB: How do you think the team could improve from last season in order to get even more wins this season for the Broncos?

CO: In addition to the individual talent on the team, Coach Ben has built a team with a lot of chemistry. We are all close, support each other and contribute to the team on and off the courts.  I think if we continue working hard as a team and playing with confidence we will have a great season.