Sophomore Charlotte Newell Talks Tennis: Summer Training and the Upcoming Season

Charlotte Newell
Charlotte Newell

By: Jessica Shusko '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- After an all-weekend long tournament at UC Berkley, Charlotte Newel caught up with to talk about her summer training schedule and how the women's Broncos tennis team is looking for their upcoming season.  Newell (CN) is only a sophomore, but she hopes that the hard work she put in over summer will help her be a key player to the team this year.

SCB: How do you feel about going into this season? Do you think you will have more success than you did last season?

CN: I think we will have more success than last season because we have four seniors this year who have tons of experience. Also, we had some injuries during the end of last season, which set us back, but everyone is healthy this season. We have stepped up our fitness this year and everyone is super motivated and excited about heading into season.


SCB: What was your training schedule like over the summer? Was it hard to keep motivated not having your teammates around?

CN: Over summer I played six days a week for two an a half hours a day. We also received a packet from our weight coach, so I did weights two times a week and footwork drills and conditioning two days a week. It wasn't hard staying motivated because I knew that the work that I put in over the summer would help for season.


SCB: Have you set any personal goals for yourself for the season?

CN: My goal is to consistently play in the starting line up this season. I worked really hard over the summer, so I'm hoping that my work has paid off and I can win matches for the team.


SCB: After this season, the Broncos tennis team will loose four seniors, how big of a loss is that to the team, and what are you going to do to help make up for losing these players?

CN: This is a huge loss because all of the seniors play in the starting line up. Also, all four of the seniors are leaders who everyone else on the team looks up to. Our team is really close as well, so it's tough losing some of our best friends. Other players on the team are going to need to step up and take their place as leaders next year. Hopefully we will be receiving some top-notch players who can fill their positions.


SCB: Talk about your play this past weekend in the tournament at Cal.  

CN: I ended up winning the back draw for my bracket in singles. The Cal tournament was a successful tournament for our whole team. Everyone played well and had great results. I think this is the best our team has done as a whole in this tournament, which is really encouraging for season.