Off the Court With Maggie McGeorge

Off the Court With Maggie McGeorge

Freshman Maggie McGeorge and the women's tennis team have had a standout season, finishing fourth in the West Coast Conference and posting a 14-7 season record. McGeorge has also been recognized by the WCC with an Honorable Mention for her performance in doubles with her partner, freshman Kelly Lamble. McGeorge sat down with us to talk about the team's successful season. Your team finished fourth in the WCC, which is the highest that you have finished in the conference since 2004. How does it feel to have such a great season as a freshman?

Maggie McGeorge: It was cool to be the fourth seed and then finish in fourth place in the conference. Next year we will definitely grow more as a team now that all of the freshmen have a year of experience and know what to expect. In the fourth-place match in the WCC tournament, you faced San Diego, which is a team that the team did not face during the regular season. How was that experience?

MM: When you play against someone or a team who you don't know, it's hard to judge their weaknesses and strengths right off the bat. In the first and second round of the tournaments, we knew what to expect from USF and Saint Mary's so we were prepared. Now that we have played San Diego, we'll know what to expect from them when we play them next season. How was it to be at your first WCC Championship tournament?

MM: The tournament was a really cool experience and really exciting. We also watched the Santa Clara men's team play as well and that was a lot of fun. There's so much competitiveness at the tournament but for me it was really exciting to be there and be a part of it. Do you have any funny memories from the tournament that stand out?

MM: There are always funny times whenever we get together as a team so it's hard to just pick one memory. The memory that stands out for me during the tournament was our team banquet. Everyone's relatives were there and Ben gave all of us awards. My award was Most Likely to Be on the Disney Channel which was pretty accurate I guess. It was such a great night. Any good memories from the court this season?

MM: During the first round of the WCC tournament against San Francisco, Kelly Lamble and I were down 5-1 in our doubles match and somehow overcame that deficit to win 8-5. I don't really know how we were able to do that but it gave us a lot of confidence later on to beat USF in singles. Your brother, Tommy McGeorge, also plays Division 1 tennis at the University of Iowa. Has that shared experience of being on a collegiate tennis team brought you closer?

MM: We've always been close but having that shared experience really helped us get even closer. He's a senior so he's had a lot more experiences than I have and he's able to share those with me and answer all of my questions. It's definitely helped us relate to each other a lot more. Now that the season is over, how is life without tennis? How has your freshman year measured up now that the year is almost over?

MM: It's been an adjustment but it's nice to be able to enjoy spring quarter and do other things that I like to do other than tennis. Freshman year has been awesome. I was lucky that I was able to get involved on-campus early with tennis so I always felt really comfortable here. Any advice for the incoming freshmen next year?

MM: Fall is definitely the biggest adjustment so I would just say to take enough time to adjust and you'll be fine. Santa Clara has been the perfect balance of academics, tennis, and other activities outside of tennis; my freshman year has been a great year.