Women's Tennis Make Strong Showing at Day 1 of Saint Mary's Invitational

Women's Tennis Make Strong Showing at Day 1 of Saint Mary's Invitational

Oct. 13, 2007

MORAGA, Calif. - Though the Saint Mary's Invitational was rained out Friday, the Santa Clara women's tennis team came back Saturday playing strong in both singles and doubles matches. Freshman Ashley Pane defeated each of her opponents in three-set matches with supertiebreakers to play in the quarterfinals in the Red Singles flight on Sunday. Also, three of the four doubles teams made it to the Quarterfinals in their respective flights.

In the Singles Blue flight of the tournament, Stephanie Galainena made it to the Round of 16 where she was defeated by opponent Jessica Hoath of Saint Mary's 6-2;6-3. She had previously played against Lindsey Griffin from Portland, where she came back after losing the first set to win in a three-set match with a tiebreaker, 1-6;6-4;1-0(12-10). Lindsey McBride and Myra Davoudi also competed in the Blue Singles flight where they fell, but will move on to the consolation round on Sunday.

Ashley Pane did an outstanding job in the Singles Red flight, defeating both of her opponents in three-set matches with superiebreakers. Pane lost her first set against Audrey Bulkley from Loyola Marymount but came back to win 4-6;7-6(3);1-0(10-6), moving her into the Round of 16. There, she defeated Gonzaga player Rika Mehndiratta, 6-3;5-7;1-0(10-7). Carmen Pham and Andrea Kwong also defeated their first opponents to advance to the Round of 16 where they fell in their matches.

In the tournament's Singles White flight of the tournament, both Courtney Hull and Meghan Madden advanced to the Quarterfinals. There, Hull fell to Clara Schuhmacher from Pacific 7-6(4);6-1 and Madden was defeated by Jessica Harris of Davis, 6-4;6-4.

In doubles matches, Andrea Kwong and Ashley Pane partnered up to advance to the Quarterfinals of the Doubles Blue flight after defeating opponents from Cal, before falling to the Saint Mary's team of Mara Calvo and Stephanie Ordoveza 8-2.

In the Doubles Red flight, two Bronco teams will compete in the Quarterfinals Sunday. The team of Carmen Pham and Lindsay McBride breezed through their first match against Sonoma State 8-0 before defeating the Davis team of Shawdee Rouhafza and Sidney Brady 8-3. Also, Courtney Hull and Meghan Madden received a bye in the first round, and moved on to defeat Anna Buzman and Sanda Hadzisabi from San Jose State in a close match, 9-8(4). Myra Davoudi and Stephanie Galainena fell to the doubles team of Feline Charlot and Kathryn Malec of Saint Mary's 8-6.

Stay tuned for updated results online at SantaClaraBroncos.com.

Saturday's Results
ITA Singles Blue
16 SM Jessica Hoath d. SC Steph Galainena 6-2;6-3
32 USF Cecilia Gratian d. SC Myra Davoudi 6-4;4-6;1-0(11-9)
32 SC Steph Galainena d. POR Lindsey Griffin 1-6;6-4;1-0(12-10)
32 CAL Bojana Bobusic d. SC Lindsay McBride 6-0;6-3

ITA Singles Red
16 SC Ashley Pane d. GON Rika Mehndiratta 6-3;5-7;1-0(10-7)
16 PAC Olga Gumenyuk d. SC Carmen Pham 6-2;6-4
16 POR Audree Jenks d. SC Andrea Kwong 6-1;6-3
32 SC Ashley Pane d. LMU Audrey Bulkley 4-6;7-6(3);1-0(10-6)
32 SC Carmen Pham d. DAV Kaitlin Callan 6-4;6-3
32 SC Andrea Kwong d. GON KristnMacWillms 6-0;6-1

ITA Singles White
16 SC Courtney Hull d. GON Carrie Schofield 7-6(4);6-2
16 SC Meghan Madden d. GON Danielle Farmer 6-2;6-2
QF PAC Clara Schuhmacher d. SC Courtney Hull 7-6(4);6-1
QF DAV Jessica Harris d. SC Meghan Madden 6-4;6-4

ITA Doubles Blue
16 SC Andrea Kwong/SC Ashley Pane d. CAL Bojana Bobusic/CAL Daron Moore 9-8(3)
QF SM Marah Calvo/SM StephanieOrdoveza d. SC Andrea Kwong/SC Ashley Pane 8-2

ITA Doubles Red
32 SC Carmen Pham/SC Lindsay McBride d. SON Jeanette Peck/SON Katie Matthew 8-0
32 SM Feline Charlot/SM Kathryn Malec d. SC Myra Davoudi/SC Steph Galainena 8-6
16 SC Carmen Pham/SC Lindsay McBride d. DAV ShawdeeRouhafza/DAV Sidney Brady 8-3
16 SC Courtney Hull/SC Meghan Madden d. SJS Anna Guzman/SJS Sanda Hadzisabic 9-8(4)

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