Women's Tennis Welcomes New Staff Addition

Women's Tennis Welcomes New Staff Addition

Sept. 27, 2007

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The Santa Clara women's tennis team has added a familiar face to its coaching staff this year for the 2007-2008 season. Nick Fustar was named assistant coach to the Santa Clara women's tennis team, in addition to his current duties with the men's tennis program. Fustar, who is in his third year with the Broncos, will share responsibilities related to all aspects of both programs, concentrating mainly on player development and co-directing the Broncos' tennis camps.

"We're really excited about Nick," said head women's coach Ben Cabell. "I think he's going to add an extra dimension in terms of having top experience at the highest levels in the game and will be able to bring that out onto the court with the team. It's going to be huge for us to have him out here."

Fustar brings a welcomed amount of experience to both tennis programs, having professionally played on the ATP Tour and held world rankings in both singles and doubles. Fustar is also the co-founder of the Eagle/Fustar Tennis Development Academy, a junior program that specializes in the development of youth players aged 8-18.

Fustar answered a few questions for santaclarabroncos.com:

SantaClaraBroncos.com: How would you describe your coaching style, and do you think you will make any adjustments to it with the switch from men's to women's tennis?
Nick Fustar: Well typically, I am really into the practice; I like to voice my opinion. As an assistant coach, you have to take a more laid-back style, and that is what I am planning on doing with the girls' team this year. With the men I primarily do a lot of individual work, with the women I'm more involved with the practice and follow (head coach) Ben's lead.

SCB: What's your favorite part about coaching?
NF: During matchplay is definitely my favorite part. Just the challenge of being a player in the past, and then knowing the kind of hurdles you need to overcome during a match; also working with the players during the match to get through those hurdles.

SCB: Besides tennis, what other sports to you like to watch?
NF: Pro football for sure. And college basketball, go Broncos!

SCB: In your career, you've definitely had your share of travel and the world of professional tennis, do you use any of those experiences when you are coaching?
NF: Absolutely. You want to always take the stuff from your past experiences as a player and see what the girls on the team are struggling with; relating to them with your past experiences helps a ton.

SCB: As a former student-athlete yourself at Fresno State, do you have any advice about how to make the transition from high school sports to the college level?
NF: Biggest thing is time management. I think that's the biggest transition. You're learning to live on your own; you have a lot of time but not a lot of time at the same time, a lot of homework and stuff. The biggest thing I think for any freshman is time management.

SCB: So you're definitely happy being with both programs?
NF: Absolutely. My goal is for both programs to get better and any way that I can help, I'm here to do that.

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