Q & A With Women's Tennis Coach Ben Cabell

Q & A With Women's Tennis Coach Ben Cabell

In his first season as the women's tennis team's head coach, Ben Cabell has seen the progression and improvement of his players. As the fall season is coming to a close Coach Cabell sat down with SantaClaraBroncos.com to talk about this past fall and expectations for the spring.

How has this fall been, how have you see the progression of your players?

It has been going great so far and I am very happy with our overall progress. A main concern for me always is their progression and the girls have definitely improved immensely. Everyone has been playing great and with one more tournament coming up I believe they will be successful.

What are your expectations for the tournament in Oregon, and of the competition?

The competition is going to be good, there are going to be some very tough players in this tournament, including some conference opponents. It depends on who we get matched up against, but either way I am sure they are going to do well.

What players have you seen progress the most?

Freshman Meghan Madden has improved the most since she has been here. She came in as a junior tennis player and has turned herself into a division one tennis player. I am proud of her development. Also, transfer Lindsay McBride has done very well and definitely has exceeded our expectations. She has had a great first couple tournaments, and we are very pleased with her results.

Since the last tournament you have had a couple weeks off, what has the team been working on in preparation for the tournament in Oregon?

One of the main things we are working on is staying healthy, so we do not overdo it and are ready to play in the tournament in Oregon. Other than that we are working on not just losing points, but figuring out how to win points as we play personally better, and compete against better teams. You have to win more points and win more matches instead of just losing.

Injuries have hindered some of your player's performances and abilities. Do expect them to be completely healthy for the spring?

I anticipate everyone should be back and ready to go for this spring, Lindsay (McBride) is very close to being 100 percent. We are hoping Samantha (Georgino) will get a good diagnosis on her elbow and shoulder, and will be available for this weekend.

What are your expectations for this spring?

My expectations for the spring are that the girls enjoy themselves, and compete hard. I do not want them to feel as though they left anything else behind, or feel as if they could have done something else. The results will come if they do

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