Q&A With Women's Tennis Player Lindsay McBride

Q&A With Women's Tennis Player Lindsay McBride

Junior Lindsay McBride has had a great fall for the Bronco women's tennis team. Last weekend the team traveled to Moraga for the St. Mary's Invitational and McBride led the way with an impressive tournament. McBride, a Texas Christian transfer, got all the way to the final, defeating both Christine Feven of Pacific 6-1; 6-2 and Megan Doheny of Stanford 6-2; 3-6; 6-2 along the way. McBride also teamed with Myra Davoudi to earn a spot in the doubles semifinals on Sunday. The San Diego native recently sat down with santaclarabroncos.com to give us an inside look into tennis and life at Santa Clara.

How was your experience at the St. Mary's Invitational this past weekend?
It was fun playing there. It was a lot of tennis for one weekend, but I liked the intensity of the tournament because you didn't realize you were tired until it was over.

Do you prefer playing singles or doubles?
Doubles is fun because you get to play with a partner and there is less individual pressure, but I enjoy singles because I feel I know a lot more about it. Singles is still very fun for me with the pressure and everything, so I'd have to say singles.

If you could play doubles with any pro or amateur player, who would it be?
Tommy Haas

What is your favorite Benson meal?
I like the dessert. My favorite is the brownie with M&M's in it.

What's your favorite San Diego attraction: San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Legoland?
I don't like the zoo, so I'm going to go with Sea World.

What do you like most about college athletics?
I like the fact that at this level everyone is very serious about competing, but it's still a lot of fun to play.

Venus or Serena?
I'm going to say neither. But if I have to pick, I `d say Venus.

What is your most memorable win in your career?
When I was playing in the Under-14's. I was matched up against the top-seeded girl in the tournament and I beat her pretty bad. After the match, everyone was pretty surprised.

What is your favorite thing to do to pass time on a road trip?
Sudoku, but I also like eating Lollipops, specifically Tootsie-Pops.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?
No, I always stretch before every match, but I'm not superstitious.

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