Quote Sheet - Saint Mary's Invitational


Interim head coach Ben Cabell, on weekend: "We had a great tournament this weekend. I am really proud of how everyone played. We had some good wins and we played our best in the toughest situations. The team has been having fun and playing well in practice and that really translated into success this weekend."

Cabell, looking ahead to next week: "Playing well this weekend really sets us up well for the Regionals. Next weekend will be a lot of tough competition, but I think the team definitely feels more confident after its play up here."

Captain Casey Knutson, on coming back to win consolation title: "I was disappointed to lose on Friday since I was the only one on the team that did not advance. However, that loss really motivated me to play well the rest of the tournament. I am glad that I could come back and finish well today."

Knutson, on team's play: "I think that this might have been the best tournament that we have played as a team in the past two or three years. Everyone went out there and played hard and once one person got a win that just motivated everyone else. It was a great weekend for us."

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