Breezy Bernard Talks About Approaching the End of The Season

Breezy Bernard Talks About Approaching the End of The Season

Written by Student Assistant Sofia Huerta '15 (SCB) had time to catch up with Breezy Bernard (BB), a junior on the softball team. Bernard is second on the team in hitting and plans to finish strong gearing towards the end of the season. She talks about her season so far, the team's mentality and how having the new softball field changes the teams mentality.

SCB: How would you evaluate your team's season so far?

BB: This year has definitely been a season of growth. We have a young, athletic, driven team this year and that has really made the difference in our play. Although our record may not show it, our team has proven so many people wrong this year and we have competed against some really tough teams. I couldn't be more proud of all of us. 

SCB: As season is approaching towards the end, what is the team's mentality? 

BB: Right now we are just focusing on finishing strong. We have fought all year long and worked hard to get to where we are, so now we just need to close the season on a positive note. Going into this weekend against USD, we really need to continue competing. I think we can have a great chance of surprising some people this weekend. 

SCB: What has been your favorite game so far?

BB: We have had some amazing games this year; I really don't think I could choose one. I can say though that last weekend against LMU was a great weekend for our team. Sweeping LMU in the three game series was awesome for us. It was a complete team effort and is something we will always remember.

SCB: Are you happy with the year you've been having individually? 

BB: I have grown this year as both a catcher and a hitter. Coming off my sophomore season I wasn't performing as well as I knew I could, so this year was about laying it all out there and taking the mental aspect out of the game. Fortunately, softball is a team sport, and I know the girls always have my back even when I'm not having the best day. 

SCB: Tell us something we don't know about the softball team.

BB: Our team is absolutely crazy in every aspect. We find a way to have fun in any situation we are put in. Also, most of us are terrible swimmers.

SCB: How has having your own field on campus changed your team's season? 

BB: Having our own field is amazing. Playing on our own turf really makes a difference mentally and gives us an upper hand that we didn't have before. The field is still progressing, but we are just so happy that we can play at home and get support from both students and administrators. 

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