Catching up with Senior Krista Jensen

Catching up with Senior Krista Jensen

Written by James LeClercq '17

Krista Jensen, a senior utility player for the Softball team, has shown dedication and heart throughout her four years at Santa Clara. As Jensen enters her final season with the Broncos, she plans on using all the hyped up energy and enthusiasm from offseason workouts, and using that drive and turn that into results on the field.

SCU: Entering your final season as a Bronco, what are some of your personal goals?

KJ: We worked incredibly hard last quarter and currently as we prepare ourselves for competition in a few short weeks. My personal and team goal is to take this drive to the field and let our dedication pay off.  We're coming out fresh this year as Team 35 (the 35th team in SCU softball history) and we're ready to show everyone what we are capable of. 

SCU: Are there any pregame rituals or routines you have?

KJ: I'm actually not a very superstitious player, so I don't really have any pregame rituals.  Wake up, eat a good breakfast, clear my mind, and take it to the field.

SCU: What is something you have learned from being a student-athlete at Santa Clara University?

KJ: I think one of the major take-ways I have garnered from being a student-athlete is being able to be successful under pressure, whether that pressure be on the field or in the classroom.  Having numerous commitments forces you to adapt to a fast-paced environment and manage your time productively.  These skills are pertinent to the "real world" and future careers, so I definitely take advantage of my experiences as a student-athlete when speaking with potential employers because many of my best skills are a result of my four years at SCU. 

SCU: Besides playing softball, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

KJ: I love doing other outdoor activities like hiking and playing other sports.  I'm also a bit of a Netflix addict so I use a lot of my free time watching Bones and random documentaries. 

SCU: As a Psychology major, what lies ahead after graduation?

KJ: My immediate plan is to obtain a full-time position in the human resources department of a company so that I can gain experience in the field before I head to graduate school to pursue a PhD in Business Management.

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