Stephanie Fisher Looks Forward to Final Season as Bronco

Stephanie Fisher (John Medina Photo)
Stephanie Fisher (John Medina Photo)

Written by James LeClercq '17

Stephanie Fisher, a senior outfielder for the Softball team, has shown consistency as well as determination through her four years at Santa Clara. As she enters her final season as a Bronco, she looks to give it her all on the field and have no regrets. Playing in every game last year, Fisher looks to continue her streak of continuous game as well as being a major contributor to this year's team.

SCU: Since this is your senior year, what are your personal and team goals for your final season as a Bronco?

SF: For my personal goals, I want to be an effective leader for all of the other girls on my team. Another goal I have is to stay consistent at the best of my ability throughout the season. For team goals, we want to be competing in every moment of the game at our highest level and rely on one another to get that clutch hit, the winning catch, the final strikeout, etc. But most of all, we want to be the team that starts to change the culture of Santa Clara softball for years to come.

SCU: You played and started in all 54 games last season. Do you do anything in particular to keep healthy throughout the season?

SF: I wouldn't say I do anything in particular, but in general I just make sure I really take care of myself throughout the season with eating right, sleeping well, and making sure I manage my time well overall. The season last a long time so I just make sure I am healthy for every game and practice we have.

SCU: As one of the leaders of this team, what is one piece of advice you would give the freshmen entering their first collegiate level season?

SF: I would tell them to take advantage of every opportunity they get and to have fun! The four years go by before you know it so it's important to take in every moment you have and enjoy it.

SCU: You are a Public Health Science major. What are your future aspirations in that field?

SF: I've always had interest in children's health so I would love to pursue something in public health that relates to working with kids. In general, I am hoping to pursue a career in Public Health focusing on either nutrition or community health.

SCU: Looking back, what is your favorite memory as a Bronco so far?

SF: I don't have a specific memory, but just all of the moments I have gotten to spend with my teammates over the past 4 years. Through this opportunity to play softball at Santa Clara, I have made some of my best friends through the sport. I am hoping to make more great memories within the next couple months I have left playing at Santa Clara.

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