Kelly Scribner is Ready to Play Ball

Kelly Scribner is Ready to Play Ball

By, Kaitlin Fuelling, '13

 Recently (SCB) had the chance to catch up with junior first baseman, Kelly Scribner (KS).  As a sophomore she started in 52 of the team's 54 games and hit in the heart of Santa Clara's batting order.  This will be her third season playing for the Bronco's softball team and first season playing on their new home turf. 

SCB: When did you start to play softball?
KS: I started playing softball when I was about four or five years old. However, my parents love to tell me that when I was barely able to walk, I would be at my older sister's softball games playing with tiny bats and hitting balls into the fence.

SCB: Do you have a favorite memory growing up?
KS: There are several fabulous memories from playing softball over the years. I believe my favorite would be when I hit a homerun in my very last high school at-bat! It was in the Colorado State tournament, and it was just an awesome way to finish my career.  Overall, I really value all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet through softball. Some of my best friends throughout the years have been my teammates.  Here at Santa Clara, my wonderful teammates have basically become my family!

SCB: I noticed you pitched for a short time during your freshman year and now play at first. Do you have a favorite position?
KS: Yes, I pitched here my freshmen year, and I was a pitcher for the majority of my softball career.  I really enjoyed it, but once I started playing at the college level, I wanted to start focusing on my hitting which is by far my favorite aspect of softball. It is extremely challenging and almost set up for failure, as the best hitters fail seven out of 10 times. However, the best moments often come from having a clutch hit and helping your team win.

SCB: What are some of your favorite things to do when you aren't at practice or doing homework?
KS: Although between classes, homework, and softball there is not too much time for other things, I really enjoy spending time with my teammates just hanging out and relaxing. I love listening to music and shopping, probably a little too much. J Also, I spend time at my grandparent's a few nights a week.

SCB: Any career goals after college? 
KS: It seems crazy to me that I am already a junior and will be in the working world soon, but I still haven't decided what I would like to do after Santa Clara. Right now, I am on the fence about a career in Finance or Marketing. This past summer, I had a marketing internship at Maxim Integrated, and this coming summer I am hoping to get a Finance internship in order to make the best possible decision for my career choice.

SCB: What team are you looking forward to play against? 
KS: This year, I am really looking forward to playing BYU. This will be the first year we are playing them, as they have entered the PCSC (Pacific Coast Softball Conference) for the last year of the conference. Everyone, myself included, is looking forward to next year when softball will finally become a WCC sport. Also, BYU has a very good softball team, and it will be a fun challenge to play them!

SCB: Is there a stadium or venue in particular you like to play at?
KS: I would have to say that our new stadium on campus is my favorite place to play! It feels amazing to have our own field and people (including students) can come and support us on. We had an incredible opening weekend with tons of support.  I know my teammates and I are so grateful for all the support that the community and University have given us to make our dream a reality! Also, playing games on the field that we have been practicing on finally gives us an actual home-field advantage since we know the field better than any other team.

SCB: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
KS: One of my many goals in life is to travel to different places in the world.  But, if I had to pick just one, it would be South Africa. This is simply because I have a slight obsession with Great White sharks, and I would LOVE to go cage diving off of the coast of South Africa and finally see these sharks in real life (I have watched Shark Week WAY too much!). 

SCB: Do you have a role model or mentor you look up to?
KS: There are so many awesome people who have helped me through different aspects of my life (coaches, teachers, teammates, etc.) however my number one role model throughout the years is my mom, Kathy Scribner. She is just the most amazing person, has been through so much, and is constantly trying to improve herself. She has taught me numerous things that have positively impacted my life, and she is my biggest supporter in everything that I do! I can't imagine my life without her.

SCB: What is something Santa Clara may not know about the softball team? 
KS: This was a tough question.  But, for the past few weeks, our whole team has been attending Aerial yoga and dance classes! It has been really fun and a new experience for everyone.