SCU Softball Players Gain Professional Experience Through Summer Internships

Krista Jensen (John Medina Photo)
Krista Jensen (John Medina Photo)

By Student Assistant Sara Vierra '15

Being a student-athlete is not an easy task. Handling morning work-outs, afternoon practices, study hall and a demanding college course load requires determination, discipline and long hours of hard work both on and off the field.

Santa Clara softball players have demonstrated their hard work through their success in the classroom this past academic year. With nearly the entire team making the PCSC Honor Roll, Bronco head coach Lisa Mize expresses her pride in her team for all of their accomplishments. "Being a student-athlete requires a tremendous amount of hard work academically and athletically. Having so many of our players make the honor roll goes to show what kind of dedication this team has," said Mize. 

Considering how time-consuming school and college athletics are during the school year, some of the SCU softball student-athletes have obtained summer internships to continue to build on their work experiences and resume. Coach Mize is thoroughly proud of "the education and opportunities in which SCU provides to our student athletes" and all of the prestigious places it offers as work opportunities.

Rising junior Krista Jensen has been interning with Space Systems Loral for two straight summers. Jensen works as a quality control inspector and ensures that all communication satellites being put out are in top condition.

Even though it does not directly relate to her major of psychology, Jensen shared that through this internship, Jensen has "been able to get a glimpse of what working in the real world is like and better know what to expect when I graduate."

Another rising junior, Stephanie Fisher, has also been working an internship this summer for the Student Technology services in the SCU library.  Fisher was hired in May 2012 and has been trained to fix software issues on all different sorts of technology.

Fisher feels very lucky for this opportunity she has been given.  "Since I started working here, I learned a whole lot more about computers and got to use my creativity to potentially benefit incoming students. I really like working for IT and hope to increase my knowledge with technology."

Whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or in the office, Santa Clara softball student-athletes are working hard and their accomplishments are breaching new levels of success.

Go Broncos!