An Inside Look at SCU Softball: Senior Amanda Edmonson

An Inside Look at SCU Softball: Senior Amanda Edmonson

By, Kaitlin Fuelling

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - This week, the women's softball team looks to start off their conference campaign strong at Cal State Bakserfield. It will be the final season for senior Amanda Edmonson (Las Vegas, Nev./Silverado). While in high school, Edmonson was voted conference MVP and was a member of the all-state and all-conference teams. She has been an essential contributor to the women's softball team, appearing in all 45 games as a junior, tied for the team lead by hitting seven doubles, posted an on-base percentage of .322, splitting her time between catcher, first base, and as designated hitter. She has also been a star student at Santa Clara University and was named to the Pacific Coast Softball Conference (PCSC) Academic Honor Roll. Recently, (SCB) was able to catch up with Amanda to discuss her career as a Bronco.

SCB: How do you feel about coming into your last season here at Santa Clara? What do you plan to do after college?

AE: I am really excited about going into my last season as a Bronco.  We have a great opportunity to succeed in our conference this year, and I am looking forward to finishing my softball career strong.  After I graduate I will be attending law school.  I have various options, but I have not decided what law school I will be attending.

SCB: How did you become interested in softball? Have you always played your current position? Do you have a favorite position?

AE: I have been playing softball since I was ten years old, but it seems like I have been playing my whole life.  I have always had passion for the game.  I grew up watching the Chicago cubs, and even as a baby, my favorite thing to wear was a Cubs onesie. Ever since I started playing softball, I loved being a catcher. I like seeing the whole field and having control.

SCB: What have you enjoyed most or been able to take away from being a student-athlete at Santa Clara? Is there any advice you would offer to freshmen students or freshmen athletes?

AE: I can't imagine my life without softball.  I have made great friends and relationships while having the opportunity to compete at a very high level.  I would really encourage freshmen to be proactive.  There are so many opportunities at Santa Clara that we don't always take advantage of.  Also,  it is easy to get caught up in school work and sports, but it is important to have fun and enjoy college!

SCB: Are you close with the girls on your team? How do you spend time outside of practice and school work?

AE: We don't have too much time outside of school and softball, but I am really close with my teammates.  I have grown extremely close with the girls in my class.  We have four seniors, and we have been through a lot together.  I really enjoy working out and doing active things.  I also love watching all of the other sports teams; so, I go to as many games as I can.

SCB: Has there been anything you have had to miss out on due to being an athlete? i.e. study abroad, etc.?

AE: One of the biggest things I have missed out on is studying abroad.  I have been to Mexico, but I have not been to any other countries.  Luckily, I hope to be able to study abroad in law school so it will all work out.  In addition, it is extremely difficult to obtain work experience or be a part of research teams (primarily in psychology) because our schedule does not allow enough free time.  We have morning and afternoon workouts all year long and play about 50 games. However, being a part of a team is great experience in itself.

SCB: What is one of your strengths/weaknesses in softball? How are you working to improve them? Do you have any goals for the team this season? Any personal goals?

AE: One of my biggest strengths is my intensity, but this is also one of my weaknesses. My intensity translates into hard work and focus, but it is easy to get down when things don't go my way.  I am working hard to find a balance so that the game is fun.  My goal is to finish strong and have fun in my final year.