Softball Leads The Way For Bronco Student-Athletes

Softball Leads The Way For Bronco Student-Athletes

July 22, 2009

Santa Clara student-athletes earned the highest GPA on record in the Spring quarter. The team that led to the outstanding 3.152 term GPA was the softball team which posted a Santa Clara-high 3.487 GPA.

Ten of the Bronco softball players finished with a GPA of 3.5 or above, and four players finished with a 3.87 or better, including sophomore Amanda Edmonson who finished with a 4.0. When asked about her secret to success during the Spring quarter Edmonson said, "I did really well in the spring because I had four classes that I really enjoyed ... I would rather have a hard class that I enjoy than an easy class that I do busy work for."

Another aspect of the softball team's success that cannot be forgotten is that their outstanding GPAs came during the season.

Freshman Catherine Surane, who finished with a 3.871, commented on the challenge of staying focused during the season, "Playing softball and managing my academics does not allow me time to procrastinate. I must get things done in a timely manner so I have time to do normal activities, such as sleep," said Surane. "I think that the lack of time forced me to be highly effective with my time, which has always helped me be a better student."

As successful as these students are in the classroom, the support from their professor and the academic atmosphere also helped foster their success.

"All of my professors were very helpful, and they all made going to class enjoyable," said Edmonson. "In particular, Professor William Parent really inspired me ... he encourages students to think about their studies rather than engaging in them mindlessly."

Surane had a similar experience with a professor as well.

"My Business 72 teacher, Tony Huyhn, was very inspirational. He encouraged me to try and find a connection with every person you meet... I made better connections with my teachers and the students around me which helped me become a better student," said Surane.

Although much of the focus is on grades for Edmonson and Surane, the knowledge that they acquire from their classes is more important to them.

"I would like to go to graduate school, and I know that I have to do well now. But, it is not all about the grades," said Edmonson. "I want to learn about different subjects as well as learn life lessons in the classroom."

"I take a lot of pride in my grades and how much I learn in the classroom," said Surane. "I believe that grades are important but in my opinion the knowledge you obtain from the classroom will long outlast any grades you may receive."

"I am really proud of our softball team and how hard they work in the classroom. I am excited to see them get the much-deserved recognition they deserve," said SCU softball coach Lisa Mize. "This team is a really academically driven group of young ladies that take a lot of pride in their success in the classroom and are great role models for future Bronco softball players!"

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